I work out….



I’ve written before about my hermit tendencies but I think I’m getting better at balancing my “me time” with social times…for the most part.

The one area I struggle to be social is at the gym.  Every time someone talks about going to the gym together I avoid the conversation because I don’t want to go with someone else.  Maybe I just need to open myself up to it but every time someone talks about going to the gym together I change the subject….it’s awkward.

Friend:  “Hey, we should go to the gym sometime after work.”

Me:  “I saw a crow hopping up the stairs outside my window today.  It was hilarious.”

Friend:  “I usually go around 5:00”

Me:  *Runs away*tumblr_inline_n9ulctcmr31s7zaol

It’s not that I’m antisocial or not a team player.  I enjoy people encouraging me to go to the gym and I like to encourage others to go but I don’t want to go together.  Is that weird?  I’ve explained it to people before and they seem to take it personally even though it’s not.

It’s not them.  It’s me.  I’m just not a fan of the group workout or even the two person team workout.  I want to be alone.  garbo

I go to the gym.  I change clothes.  I put on Rap Strength Training on Pandora.  I walk on the treadmill.  I watch Family Feud.  I’m in my bubble (it’s around the treadmill).  I become annoyed when the bubble is disrupted.


I think part of it is because my job is social.  I’m talking with people all day.  I’m constantly working at a high level of awareness.  In a sense I feel like I’m always “on” and my workouts let me turn off for a minute.  No polite smiles.  No small talk.  It’s just me, loud rap music, and Steve Harvey.  It’s just walking with little to no thinking and I love it.

Any thoughts?  Who’s your favorite workout partner?  For right now, mine is me😀


2016 Goals

I keep thinking about or talking to people about all these random things I want to do this year so I figured it was time to start writing them down.  I think the overnight hike is the only one that might have to wait until next year but everything else is totally doable for this year.

Most are actually things to be done in a weekend.  I figure if I write them down when I find myself wondering what I should be doing I can grab a sticky note and accomplish a goal.

One of my goals that I think is out of frame is to spend a weekend with old friends and now have plans to go to a 90’s bar crawl in Seattle.  I’m not much of a bar crawl person anymore and I’m thinking it’s going to be more 20-somethings dressed up like the 80’s but it’ll be fun.  We’re still working out the details and for some reason I have become the coordinator of activities so tonight has been spent hotel shopping…..reasonably priced hotel in a popular area….Challenge accepted!  Other option is finding a friend or friend of friend willing to house 5-6 people of varying levels of drunkenness😉

I’m filling up my weekends in August because the summer is slipping away……

Visit Jetty Island, a small island in the Port of Everett.  They run a ferry during the summer that is FREE!  It only runs through the first part of September so the time to hesitate is through, a Facebook post and we’ll see who’s in.  I found an event where you hunt for glass art on the island and I think some people are interested already.

I love hanging out with people but this weekend I needed some downtime.  I was exhausted and as an extroverted introvert I have to balance time with people v. time alone.

I went to the Farmers Market alone, featured image is the beautiful flowers I picked up and Jetty Island is in the background😀  I was only there for about an hour but I enjoyed browsing, chatting with the vendors, and sitting by the water enjoying lunch.  One of my goals is to go to Pike’s Place Market on my own.  It’s one of my favorite places and I’ve never explored it alone so I think that would be fun.

I’m continuing to add to my goals for 2016.  I’ve already accomplished things I didn’t even write down so I like the idea of having a tangible view of things I want to accomplish.  In the morning it’s nice to see the mirror before I leave for work.  It might sound strange but in a way it reminds me why I’m going to work.  I’m going to work so I can afford to go out and have fun.  In the past I was “living for work” and now I’m “working to live”.

I’m definitely looking forward to all future adventures!

This was a pic of the Mukilteo lighthouse at sunset during a going away party for a friend.  Follow me on Instagram for more pics @daisy9979

P.S. I’ve got at least 6 people wanting to go the island with me.  I just exclaimed, “Look at me, coordinating an activity like a grown up”  Ha Ha😄

Hope everyone is having a great week!



Sorry I haven’t been writing as much lately…

00558580-7d88-0132-bbfd-0ebf924f622e😉  Okay, so maybe I’m not super popular but my social calendar has been busier than usual.  Since Friday I’ve been out every night of the week except for Saturday and today plus have plans to go out tomorrow.

Whew, so tonight I forced myself to go to the gym because it’s easy to come up with excuses not to go especially when you’re “busy”.  I’m going tomorrow night because we’re not meeting up until 7 so I have time to go to the gym before I go out.

This morning I threw my gym bag in the car but by mid-afternoon I’d convinced myself I didn’t need to go…there’s always tomorrow is what I tell myself.  IMG_0056I usually tell myself that in dramatic Scarlett O’Hara fashion.

Thankfully a coworker asked if I was going to the gym today and I think she wanted to go together but my aversion to working out with people is for another post.  Later another coworker asked if I had been going to the gym lately and I had to admit I hadn’t been in about a week.  He suggested we put up a calendar and mark the days we go, which is an idea I love, definitely good for accountability.

I know I need to just let it go and accept that life is what it is and everything happens for a reason but…..

I can’t help thinking about how much my life has changed for the better.  I’ve gone out to dinner more times in the year I’ve lived here than I did the entire time I lived in Moscow.  I’ve also made more amazing friends and am so happy!!!  I know part of it is my attitude, part of it is the job, part of it is the change in environment, and part of it is I don’t know what.

I would suggest to anyone who is unhappy in life to make a change even if it’s not easy.  Change jobs.  Change cities.  Even simple changes to your routine can make a big difference.  Work out.  Go outside.  Go someplace new.  Eat new food.  Say yes more often.

Getting out of my rut, even if it was slightly forced by cosmic intervention i.e. the store closing, was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I sometimes shudder to think where I would be if that had never happened…..Would I still be there?  Would I still be trying to make it work?  Would I still be stuck?

Thankfully I’m not stuck other than stuck wondering how to end this post….I had no idea where I was going but of course I’m back to reflecting on this amazing journey, mostly because I’m so darn happy right now.  I appreciate everyone reading!

Feel free to comment!  Ever made a big change in your life?