Healthy Changes

The second part of my transition involves my personal health.  Losing my job means changes to health insurance especially since I’m not sure when I’ll find a job and what options that job will offer so as a responsible adult I make appointments for the eye doctor, dentist, and doctor.  Blood work reveals I’m pre-diabetic which I take as a strange combination of good news and bad news.  Good news is I’m not diabetic, bad news is I will be diabetic if I do not make some serious lifestyle changes.

I’m instantly frustrated because along with not having a job and making plans to move I also need to find a way to incorporate exercise into my daily routine and completely revamp my diet.  The other part of the bad news is he puts me on a medication to help lower my blood sugar.  I hate taking medication because I have conflicting ideas about the use of medication.  Medication can help but I also believe society tends to over-medicate with too many people expecting miracle results from a pill rather than addressing the root causes of an issue.  Once I step off my soapbox and research the medication I make the choice to give it a chance.

Once I get over the initial frustration at my diagnosis I realize this is actually perfect timing because I cannot use my busy work schedule as an excuse for not eating right and exercising.  I was working 10-12 hour days developing terrible eating habits that involved sporadic breakfasts, eating nothing for the majority of the day or eating junk then binge eating at night.  Years of eating good for a week then slipping back into old habits must now be replaced with real long term change.

The optimist in me recognizes now I have nothing but time to change my habits developing an exercise routine and meal plans.  I stock my fridge with veggies, fruits, and begin reading labels, as well as researching healthy recipes.  The downside isn’t that I dislike healthy food it’s that I hate to cook but I’m making a genuine effort.  As I write this post I have zucchini chips baking in the oven 🙂

The recent health news only solidifies what I’ve been ignoring for so many years, which is I need to make changes.  Unfortunately I allowed myself to settle down deeply into my comfort zone resisting the reality that I was genuinely unhappy.  I was lazy in all aspects of my life waiting for change to happen rather than taking action.  Recognizing the need for change is not enough so now I have to make tangible steps toward reaching my goals and finding happiness.


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