No Wifi?!?

I spent Thanksgiving in a variety of places without wi-fi including my parents’ house, which is where I spent the majority of my time.  I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal because I’m not on my iphone that much so it won’t matter.  Turns out I was wrong and two upgrades to my cell phone plan (to avoid overage charges) in less than a week I realized I may have a problem.

As I stepped out of the car for Thanksgiving dinner I left my purse in the car but took my cell phone only to discover the shop where we were eating had no cell phone service.  What?!?  How will I post pictures of the delicious food that I’m eating?  How will I tag all my family members in a group photo?   What if someone sends me a text?  What if someone actually tries to call me? (An actual phone call that’s pretty unlikely)  How will I look at pictures of other people’s dinners and families? I found myself picking up my cell phone when I was bored and seeing that it had no service had to resign myself to actually making conversation with the people around me.

Over the course of the week I tried to cut back and monitor my usage only to find myself checking Facebook 20 times a day, as if one of my friends would share a life shattering post and I would miss it if I didn’t check Facebook at least once an hour.

I’ve tried different things in the past such as not using my cell phone in bed or when I’m out with friends but always find myself slipping back into bad habits.  Habits that include checking my phone first thing in the morning, checking the news, the weather, Facebook, Pinterest, email, plus whatever games I’ve chosen to play at the moment.  Since I don’t have a job I don’t usually have a specific agenda for the day so even checking my email can wait.

I began to research cell phone addiction and found it to be an increasing problem.  Reading through the article linked below I realized I definitely have a problem as I answered yes to every question that indicates a potential cell phone addiction.  I panic when I can’t find my phone, I am constantly (almost mindlessly) on my phone, I take my phone everywhere, and I go to sleep and wake up with my phone.

As with any addiction step one is admitting you have a problem so this is my public admittance that I have a problem.  I’ll start by bringing back the no cell phone in bed rule and go from there continuing to take baby steps until I severe this unnatural connection I have to my cell phone.

I guess I’ll start checking the weather the old fashioned way by looking out the window and everything else is simply not that important.

Mosley, T. (22 Jul, 2014).  4 Signs you’re addicted to your cell phone.  Seattle Refined. Retrived from–and-4-Ways-To-Recover-267820961.html



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  2. Elizabeth · December 4, 2014

    First of all, thanks for the follow back. I really appreciate it. As for your ‘cellphone addiction’ (as you call it), it’s good that you acknowledge it and also great that you spent Thanksgiving with your family. And definitely a good thing to take small steps than go cold turkey. I don’t own a smartphone, and that helps somewhat. But with a plethora of other devices at my fingertips, I sometimes find myself ‘screenlogging’ AKA looking up useless information and wasting time. I find it’s best for me to just put a time limit on things.

    Oh, and there’s an article you might want to read called: ‘Why We Need To Disconnect to Reconnect’ that I did some time ago. It might give you some more fuel to turn down the screen time.


    • daisy9979 · December 4, 2014

      I’m super new to this so I appreciate you following me and taking the time to read my ramblings. The first article I read of yours was Sorry I’m not a real twit. , which I completely related to because I do not use Twitter at all and I knew I wanted to read more from you.
      I’m definitely guilty of ‘screenlogging’ (didn’t know there was a name for that) and a time limit sounds like a good idea. Your article certainly added more fuel to my desire to want to disconnect from my cell phone. Hopefully once Christmas comes around I’ll be well on my way to looking up from my phone and reconnecting with the real world.


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