roadtripI hate driving and wish I could just teleport places but until that technology is invented I hope for good weather and jump in the car for the 3 hour journey to my parents’ house.  Christmas bear has become my travel gnome accompanying me on all my road trips and coffee is also a constant road trip companion.

My parents’ house is like a break from the real world where I can forget about my responsibilities, sleep in, and lay around watching movies guilt-free, also someone else usually cooks (Thanks Mom:)

I was nervous about answering a barrage of questions at Thanksgiving dinner about why I’m unemployed and what I’m going to do with my future.  Once we sat down to enjoy our feast I was reminded that the universe does not revolve around me and my current set of problems.  Yes, I did talk to my family about the recent changes in my life but we also reminisced about the past, shared happy family moments, and made new memories.  I’ve been so absorbed in my own life that it was refreshing to talk about something other than the store closing.

Spending time with the people who know my best also made me realize how grateful I am for my family.  My family, who even if they do not understand my choices, will always support me.  My parents and grandpa think I’m a bit crazy for wanting to go into the helping or correctional field, while my brother thinks I should just travel for a while.

Talking to my family about options I realize I have a variety of places throughout the country I could live if I ever fell on hard times.  It was this realization that confirmed the choice for my new career path is the right one.  I cannot imagine how it would feel to go through difficult situations without help or support.  The jobs I’m looking for are at juvenile detention centers, correctional facilities, rehabilitation facilities, etc. something with the potential to help people and offer the kind of help or support I’ve always been fortunate to have in my life.

I might be idealistic because I know the population I’m looking to help is not always the easiest to work with and many people advise me against going into the helping field but I feel like it’s a calling that I’ve taken too long to answer.  When I was a teenager I knew I wanted to be a psychologist but an early failed attempt at college led to a 10-year hiatus before I finished my degree.  It’s been a year since I completed my degree and was waiting at my job for the planets to align in some perfect way before I could move onto a new job.

The planets could not be better aligned, and as my family pointed out the universe couldn’t give me a bigger sign that the time to change is now.

I have ideas about what I want for my next career but I’m keeping my options open.  This week my goal is to clean out some of the clutter in my apartment because my brother’s suggestion of selling all my stuff and traveling before settling into a new job is sounding extremely appealing…


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