Bored, Bored, Bored

When I was working all I wanted to do was take a few weeks off to do absolutely nothing, just watch movies, relax, and of course catch up on all my chores at home.  Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since my official last day of work and despite the numerous items on my to-do list I am getting bored.  I guess I’m not too surprised by this since I was the kid who halfway through the summer was prepping for classes and beginning to miss having homework.

I’ve always had obligations in the form of either school, a job, or both so being without either I’m beginning to get a bit antsy.  I keep telling myself to relax and enjoy this time but I’m not sure complete relaxation is in my nature.  Today I tried to watch a movie and had to pause it 3 times because I kept jumping up every time some little task popped into my mind.

I’ve always been a bit of a TV addict so I never thought I would feel this way but I think I’m actually getting tired of watching TV.  Lately the TV is just background noise and actually I leave it off for most of the day choosing to put on music or work in my office away from the TV.  As described above when I do decide to watch a movie I struggle to sit through the whole thing even if it’s a show I enjoy or a movie I’ve looked forward to watching.  I was planning to watch a couple movies yesterday but instead decided to clean out my closet and do some shopping for my Christmas projects.

I decided to do homemade gifts for Christmas because I have all this time for the craft projects I’ve always wanted to do but the problem was I began to try to take on about 10 different projects.  My family was getting an odd assortment of sharpie mugs, sugar scrubs, coasters, etched glasses, chocolates, and every mason jar project I could find on Pinterest.  I finally regained my focus and should have all my gifts done by the end of the week, which means I’ll need to find something else to keep my interest.

Once Christmas presents are done I’m going to make a decision about where I want to move so I can start a more concentrated job search.  My initial plan was to wait on my job search until after the holidays but I’m beginning to wonder if I can hold out that long because I’m starting to feel like that crazy kid who was waiting for summer to end so I could get back to school.

I think I’m just excited for the future and eager to really start my new chapter but maybe before I do that I’ll take the time to watch The Hobbit movies before the new one comes out….if I can sit still long enough 🙂


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