Fear and Doubt

I keep telling myself that my management experience will translate into any career I choose but the reality is that my experience is in retail and I’m looking at moving into the field of human services.  I think some of my skills will cross over I also need to find ways to improve my chances of finding a job in a completely new field.

Today I started looking for jobs and realize this is the time to look for some volunteer work or check into some certifications that might help me, especially since I’m looking into a field where I have no experience.  I think in some way I’ve held off because I’m afraid that despite my desires I will not find success in a new career.  When I was completing my degree I interviewed a few people doing the jobs I eventually want and I remember feeling so exhilarated talking to them about what they do on a daily basis.

The one woman I spoke to was a psychologist working with the court system and I thought her work sounded fascinating.  Another was a case worker at a homeless shelter who was upfront about the difficulties of her job but also pointed out the many rewards.  Listening to these women talk I knew that I was making the right choice with my degree and my goal of working my way out of retail.

It just sucks now that I’m in the perfect position to find a new career I’m so scared of failure.

I had to take a breath after that last sentence because I realize this is exactly what has kept me stuck in my rut for so long.  Fear of failure.  Fear of change. Fear of the unknown.

I knew almost everything at my last job and if I didn’t know an answer I was confident in my abilities to find one.  People came to me for answers and I was the one in charge.  I was great at my last job and knew how to be successful in retail but this new career path I have no first hand experience so I’m scared.  What if what I’ve always dreamed of doing isn’t what I’m good at?  If the career I’ve been planning for doesn’t work out then I don’t know what I’ll do next.

Okay, so moving past the doom and gloom I know if one career doesn’t work out then I’ll try something else but sometimes I have to address the concerns of my mind.  If I don’t express my fears and doubts they will simply eat away at me; however, I also refuse to let my fears and doubts control my future.  These moments of doubt have to be just that, moments, then I need to read some inspirational quotes, remind myself that I’m awesome, and continue onward.


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