Nature Walk

The simplest equation to create a healthy lifestyle is healthy eating + working out (of course there’s tons of other components but these are the basics).  I usually have a one or the other approach when it comes to working out and eating healthy.  If I’m eating healthy I’m not working out, if I’m working out I’m not eating healthy. In the past I would try to do a complete overhaul on everything all at once trying to change years of terrible habits all at once.  I would throw out all my food and replace it with healthy food plus try to get into working out every single day.

My theory is trying to do a complete overhaul was too much for me and I would get overwhelmed.  If I failed in one aspect I would give up on everything.   I’ve been eating healthy for almost a month and seeing some positive results but I know I need to start working out if I want to accomplish my long-term goals.  Perhaps since I feel comfortable with one part of the equation, healthy eating, now it’s time to add in the second part.

I told myself I would start tomorrow (one of my best excuses is to make myself wait until the first day of the week to start a new routine) but woke up ready to go today and when the urge to work out strikes I need to get going since the urge doesn’t happen very often.  Most of the time I’m dragging myself out of bed but today felt different.  I planned on just doing Wii Fit but the sun was shining so even though I knew it was cold (under 40 degrees) I decided a walk seemed like a better idea.

A brisk walk also lets me explore one of my favorite hobbies, photography.  I find inspiration in nature and the walking trail by my house is one of my favorite places to photograph.  Today was a bit of a challenge because it was slightly overcast and everything is a bit brown and dreary; however I still think beauty can be found and love empty branches against the sky.

winter2014 024winter2014 026

Despite the cold wind that picked up after the first mile (wish I’d grabbed a scarf and gloves) it still felt good to be outside enjoying the world.  I’m trying to set small goals so I don’t quit and even if I work out 3 days a week it’s a start and a foundation to make working out part of my routine rather than something I have to force myself to do.

Walking is one of the few workouts I’ve managed to stick with for any length of time but winter is a great excuse for me to stop.  Instead of giving up because it’s winter I think I’ll just bundle up, find some traction devices for my shoes, and keep hitting the trail whenever possible.


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