Let’s get physical!

I’m really struggling with working out so I’m beginning to explore some of the options to get me on track.  I actually enjoy working out but for some reason I struggle to get started.  Last week I was convinced that I would keep walking even during the winter but yesterday I bundled up, walked outside, and after 5 minutes ran back in the house (not exactly enough to get the heart rate up).  I had the best of intentions but I’ll admit to being a wimp, once it starts dipping below freezing I’m not gonna be heading outside for my workouts.

On to the next option, which is working out at home.  I have an elliptical machine I drag out about once a month, do about 5-10 minutes then I’m tired and honestly a bit bored.  I used to really enjoy working out on the elliptical at the gym years ago, perhaps I’m just giving up too soon but the other problem is the boredom factor.

Enter Wii Fit.  The only reason I decided to purchase a Wii a couple years ago was for working out.  I figured the variety would be the key to keeping me entertained and working out at the same time.  Unfortunately like the rest of my workouts I’m very sporadic with it.  When I power it up the sarcastic little board on the screen reminds me how long it’s been since my last session and that I need to keep on track to meet my goals, sometimes I hate that little board but I know it has good intentions.  I haven’t given up on this option.

Another option I’m considering joining a gym.  I don’t want to spend the money and don’t want to join during the New Year’s resolution rush but it’s something I haven’t actively explored.  I would have to leave the house so if I set a time like an appointment I might be more likely to get there at least a few times a week.  The other thing is if I’m paying money and don’t go then I would feel like I’m wasting money, which I hate doing especially since I don’t have a job.

The downside is since I’m not comfortable with my body I’m a bit scared of the gym.  The rational part of me recognizes that this is one of the best reasons to go to the gym but I still fear judgement.  Some days I wake up the confidence to take on the world but other days I doubt every aspect of who I am and want to hide.  Again, the rational part of me knows if I want to have more of the “confident take on the world” days I need to change my mindset and my body.

Right now, working out is one of the key components I need if I want to make lasting changes plus I know once I get into it I’ll be happier.  Today I am going to pop some batteries in the Wii remote, get my ass off the couch, and do at least 30 minutes just to get moving.  I’m going to find what options are in my area and go check out some gyms this week because it’s an option I’ve been considering but haven’t explored and it might be just what I need.


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  1. jaxtun · December 18, 2014

    You can do it… they say it takes 21 days and then the habit has formed.. good luck.

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