Be Happy…

After a recent shopping trip I realized I’m developing a problem.  Despite my efforts to downsize before moving I’ve recently become a bit of a shopaholic.  I donated a box of clothes then went shopping 2 days later….not doing well with the downsizing.  I used to hate shopping for clothes, dreading going into the stores where nothing fit and I looked terrible in everything I tried on; however, at some point in the last two years something in me clicked and I began to love clothes shopping.

Since I’ve found out shopping can be fun I always feel bad when a friend or family member proclaims they hate shopping for clothes.   Most of us have experienced terrible shopping trips, the ones where you walk into a store with hope and optimism only to leave in tears.  I’ve had my share of those shopping trips and looking back I realize I made several mistakes when shopping.

  • Always wearing the same thing- This is not always a bad thing but can lead to getting caught in a rut.  You find something that works so you continue to wear the same thing, sometimes for longer than you should.
  • Not being adventurous-I used to always wear the same jeans and when skinny jeans became the trend I thought, nope, never.  One day I decide let’s give these a try and I realized they were actually flattering on me but I never would have known if I wouldn’t have tried.  Trying on new styles can lead to a whole new wardrobe.
  • Not being in the mood to shop-This might seem simple but if you’re not in the mood to try on clothes it’s probably not going to be a good experience.
  • Not accepting your body-  I’m 5’3″ so what looks good on a model or even someone has a different body type might not look good on me.  Shopping with a friend, she tried on a puffy vest so I tried on a puffy vest, she looked cute, I looked like I was wearing a marshmallow.  I was being adventurous but as a busty girl the puffy vest didn’t work but I realized I liked the style it was just too puffy so I’m still looking for one with a bit less puffiness, which leads to my next point.
  • Becoming easily discouraged-Just because one store doesn’t have your size, one trend doesn’t work, or one shopping trip goes poorly doesn’t mean you should give up.  There are so many clothes out there that everyone can find clothes they love.

No one is perfect and I still have days where I try on every item in my closet only to wind up in tears and screaming I hate my body and all my clothes.  I throw my fit then throw on some clothes.  I might not be where I want to with my body but it’s not going to change overnight, so in the meantime I’m following the advice from one of my favorite quotes.  I’m learning to work with what I’ve got while continuing to work on getting where I want to be in the future.

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