Christmas Break

Christmas is definitely one of my favorite holidays.  I actually love all the holidays especially the fun traditions that go from generation to generation.  I think as I grow older I begin to have a deeper appreciation for the traditions that surround the holidays.  I know everyone has their own way of celebrating the holidays but whatever way you celebrate hopefully it’s doing something that makes you happy.

Christmas Eve has always been my favorite.  Watching Christmas movies, usually A Christmas Story, opening one present, leaving cookies out for Santa, and the anticipation of Christmas morning, even as an adult I still love going home to enjoy all these small events.  Okay, maybe I stopped leaving cookies out for Santa a few years ago but I always loved waking up in the morning, finding the cookies gone, and usually a note left behind.

Digging through my stocking in the morning is probably my second favorite, so fun to see all the treats hidden inside and every year as I dig through the same stocking I’ve used as long as I can remember I instantly feel like a kid again.  I also just love the time spent with my family.

I wish my brother and his wife lived closer but maybe next year.  Maybe we’ll plan to travel one year for Christmas, although after watching the news I think traveling over the holidays seems like one to avoid if possible.  I’m thankful for the family I get to see and will hopefully see the ones I didn’t get to see on my travels in the new year.

My laptop is ancient (5 years old) by technology standards and the battery lasts for about 5 minutes if it’s not plugged in plus without wi-fi at my parent’s place I don’t see much point in dragging it along plus I just want to enjoy the time away so I probably won’t post anything for a few days.

I planned on writing a bunch of posts ahead of time but, you know, the best laid plans and all that jazz 🙂  Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

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