Vacation from Unemployment

I missed my little blog and found myself eager to get back into it even though I don’t really have anything exciting going on, it’s just nice to have an outlet to share your thoughts.  Christmas vacation was nice, although I joked with my mom that I didn’t know if it could exactly be considered a vacation but I guess it qualifies as vacation since I was out of town…

I took an extra day of Christmas vacation simply because I could and I don’t know when I’ll have that opportunity again where I can stay an extra day just because I want to without worrying about work or any other responsibilities (except for my cat, who seems to not be too upset at having to stay with the vet for one more night).  My holidays in the past typically involved taking maybe 3 days at my parents’ then rushing home to maybe enjoy one day of rest before rushing back to a hectic work schedule.  Sometimes we would celebrate before or after the holiday because the world of retail revolves around the holiday season, which can mean working the day before and the day after Christmas.

This visit was gloriously different.  I had time to see my aunts and cousin, watch a movie with my grandpa, and still have time to sleep in and spend several days just watching movies with my mom (finally finished all the Hobbit movies!).  I even had some time to snap some pictures when it snowed a couple days after Christmas.

When I was working I didn’t have the time to do all of these things, usually had to pick and choose what to do with this visit instead of simply being able to enjoy the time.  I would tell my grandpa that next time I come up we’ll do something or have to explain to my mom that I really just wanted to take a nap because I worked late the night before then got up to drive home and have to drive back in a day.

This visit was a reminder that the time with family is precious and meant to be enjoyed, not rushed.  Sometimes the holidays involve so much hustle and bustle that we forget to RELAX and enjoy the time together.

I’ve heard some people actually use their vacation hours and go on vacations without staying in constant contact with work.  I’m not sure if it’s realistic but I am going to work on becoming one of those people.  I don’t know what my next job will be but I’m going to do my best to curb my workaholic tendencies and remember that vacations are necessary.


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