The Variety of Life

The majority of life decisions from the minuscule to the major involve making some kind of decision but I sometimes find it so challenging to pick just one when they’re so many choices.  Big decisions I research and trust in my gut instinct to help guide me on the right path but the smaller ones I sometimes find overwhelming.  I feel like so much of my day is spent choosing between varieties of unnecessary options.

The primary reason I started this post was because of how often I spend more time picking out a movie or TV show than I do actually watching TV or movies.  I have DVR, Netflix, cable, and movies sitting in their wrappers on the shelf so when I make the decision to watch a movie it often becomes a process.

Tonight I decided to watch a movie, choosing to quickly pick something out while I pop some popcorn; however the popcorn was popped and I was still scrolling.  Do I want comedy, horror, documentary, independent movie, a thriller, maybe a good TV show?  Popcorn halfway gone I finally pick a movie.  One day I just gave up and grabbed a book (although the variety there is just as bad but for some reason easier to choose most days), which is what I should do more often.

This wide variety of options also extends to the grocery store where the food options are limitless.  I almost sat down in the aisle of the store one day because I was so sick and couldn’t find a simple can of chicken noodle soup in the vast rows of cans.  Of course it’s not just soup but pretty much every item in the store has a minimum of 10 different choices.  Most of the things I buy I know what I like but every once and again a new option appears that causes me to pause to reconsider my choices.  I don’t buy ice cream very often but when I do it’s like a 15 minute process in the freezer aisle.

In some way I appreciate all the choices and variety but there are days when I just want maybe 3 options to cut down on the time spent making decisions.  Choices are always going to have to be made but I think to help myself I just need to narrow my choices and be more decisive.  In some ways I worry so much about making a poor choice even about the small things that I question my decisions to the point where I nearly make myself crazy.

I know in the coming weeks I will have some major decisions to make, hopefully once I start applying for jobs I’ll appreciate having so many options available, and will trust my instinct to make the right choice.  In the meantime I’m thinking about starting a new TV series so I better start narrowing down my choices now so I can maybe have one picked out by the weekend.


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