1/1/2014  I’m done with school & ready for the next chapter.  Working on my story, finding my path, Feels like I’m in a good place but I wonder when that might end.  Working out, eating better, setting goals, finding fun things to do.  I’m ready to start living my life unwilling to sit back in the shadows and let it pass me by.

The above is a journal entry from New Year’s Day last year. My last few New Year’s Eves have been alone making promises to myself about what I’m going to change, all the amazing things I’m going to do simply because it’s a new year. Making grand plans to be in some exotic location next year after having achieved all my goals, partying with an amazing group of friends, and never being alone for another New Year’s Eve.

As the new year arrives I often feel an obligation to set goals to make the new year the best year ever but over the years I’ve slowly developed an aversion to New Year’s resolutions.  This year was the first year I didn’t write down any type of resolutions because I already made what I consider my resolutions for the new year a couple months ago when I started this blog.  Sometimes life throws us situations that force us to make changes right away.

There’s not always time to wait for the new year to make serious changes, which leads me to wonder why so many wait for the new year to set goals and make changes.  I understand the concept of new year, new start but if you know something needs to change, why wait?  Isn’t it better to just resolve to change immediately or even the next day instead of waiting for a new year?  No matter what you want to do whether it’s losing weight, exercising more, volunteering, saving money, etc. I think if you want to make a change, don’t wait, make it happen.

Perhaps I’m bitter toward New Year’s resolutions because I’ve never fulfilled one.  Looking back I know the reason I don’t achieve my goals is I break some of the cardinal rules of goal setting.  I set large, vague goals with no process to achieve the goals just “lose weight” or “find a new job.”  Basically my goal was to overhaul everything in my life without laying out a path and I would get upset when I didn’t get immediate results.  I’m seeing slow progress on the goals I started a few months ago and realistically I know I’m working toward lifestyle changes, not just short-term change.

Spending New Year’s Eve alone this year I didn’t feel the sadness, didn’t make the promises, no grand plans, just enjoyed a laid back evening at home with a few drinks and the knowledge that I’ve already started making the changes necessary for a great new year.



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  3. waterbottle96 · January 3, 2015

    I completely agree, in every way!


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