The Gym!!

Every so often we make a choice that makes us say, “Why didn’t I do this days/weeks/months/years ago?”  For me that moment came today when I finally joined a gym.  I’ve talked about doing this for years but was intimidated by the thought of working out with other people.

I was worried that people would judge me but recently I realized I was never going to get to where I didn’t worry about being judged if I didn’t get healthy.  It’s like something in my brain clicked and I realized most people don’t walk into the gym already in shape, people go to the gym to get into shape then to maintain.

I almost found an excuse to not go today, such as I have so many errands to run and I’ll start working out at home, but then realized I had to stop.  I think I even put into one of my posts before Christmas I was going to check out a gym so I knew for sure I had to go even though I was nervous.

I headed inside, was promptly greeted by Levi, who is one of the owners, and he guided me on my tour of the gym.  He was friendly, encouraging, and knew almost everyone by name.  It speaks volumes to me when an owner or manager actually knows their clients or customers and made it feel more welcoming.

As we walked through the equipment I just knew this was not a scary place but simply a place where I could work out. Sometimes you just go into a place and whether it’s the person you’re with or the place you just feel at ease.

The last time I worked out at a gym was so probably 15 years ago but over time I’d managed to convince myself I didn’t need a gym.  I’m eating better but still struggling with exercise.  Despite my best intentions I’m not having any success working out at home.  I have an elliptical, Wii Fit, Zumba, and recently discovered workout videos on my smart TV but I’m still not working out.

I’m hoping the idea of paying for a service will be enough to keep me going because like most people I hate wasting money.  I’ve been evaluating every part of my life to see where I can cut money but this is an investment in my health (plus I got a t-shirt!).  Also, it’s a chain so if I move the likelihood that one will be nearby is very high.

I meet with a trainer Monday for a free session and I look forward to meeting with someone who can help me get started.  I’ll see how pricey it is but I really want to do a few sessions with the trainer just to help get myself back into the groove.

I’m super excited and hoping this will be the piece I’ve been missing from my get healthy puzzle!



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  2. my KISS fitness · January 9, 2015

    Just remember, every single person in the gym was new at some point too. Then it won’t seem so scary. 🙂

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  3. keen peach · January 9, 2015

    So exciting! Good for you for joining even though you were kind of scared. You are going to love it!

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