Day One-Cardio

I appreciate that with my gym membership I was given a session with a trainer because I hadn’t been in the gym in so long it was like navigating a foreign land.

At the suggestion of the trainer I’m doing 20-30 minutes of cardio every day (hopefully 5 days a week) plus strength training 3 days a week.  Today I woke up with that mission in mind.  It took at bit to get out of bed but I motivated myself with the promise of finishing season one of Game of Thrones once I finished my workout.

I felt a bit nervous walking in today but I put on my brave face, popped in my headphones, and stepped on a machine.  All the machines have TVs so I settle on Looney Tunes (old school Looney Tunes, not new Looney Tunes) because it’s both entertaining and distracting.

I did 5 minutes on an elliptical, 15 minutes on the treadmill, then another 7 minutes on the elliptical.  Just under 30 minutes, which as I have been reminding myself all morning, is great for my first time.  Right now I feel kind of awkward as I climb onto the machines and fiddle with the settings, or try to find my footing but I know it will get easier.

I’m resisting the urge to push myself too hard.  I have to remind myself of the accomplishments each day, 12 minutes on the elliptical is more than I’ve done in years.  Also I go back tomorrow for a longer session, strength training and cardio.  Plus, I just went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and already my legs are reminding me to not push myself too hard.

I’m still in the excited phase of this new endeavor and I look to that momentum to get my through this first week.  Today I was out of bed at 9am and left the gym at 10 am, if needed I could even cut this time if I didn’t drag my feet getting out of the house.

I know it takes a few weeks to create a habit so I’m taking it one week at a time because if I can get through this first week it’ll get easier.


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