Rejoining the World!

Today I felt like a grown up.  I went to the gym, dropped off my recycling and donations, and applied for health insurance.  I sent a birthday card to my aunt, paid bills, and decided next week I will begin applying for jobs that I really want because it’s time.

Maybe if I had unlimited resources I would not be as quick to want to change (actually I would travel or go back to school) but right now I’m bored and growing concerned.  I have limited resources and the dates I set for myself before the store closed are rapidly approaching.  The days seem to be going by faster and I begin to realize at this point I’m simply procrastinating.

I tend to be a creature of habit, I find a place where I am comfortable and I settle in because I’m afraid of change.  For 12 years my job was my comfort zone, I wasn’t happy but I was scared to try something new.  Now, I’ve found a new comfort zone in not working and allowed myself to settle a bit.

The gym was the first step in breaking myself out of my new comfort zone.

My first few days at the gym have helped me to realize that I don’t want to become a hermit, I like people and want to be out in the world.  I stay somewhat connected with people but it’s all technology, texting, Facebook, the occasional phone call.  There’s no actual human interaction and I miss that face to face time with people.

One of my friends from work moved to the area I want to move because she can live with her family but we text all the time.  I told her today I’m done being a hermit and I’m ready to rejoin the world.  That really best describes where I’m at right now, it’s been fun and I’ll never say that I wasn’t grateful for this time but I’ve procrastinated long enough.

It’s time to rejoin the world! 🙂


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