To all the Moms, From Crazy Cat Lady

Today was day 4 at the gym (30 minutes of cardio) and I struggled to get going today because I was up off and on with a sick cat, getting about 4-5 hours of decent sleep.  Days like this I feel such great respect for all the moms out there who are juggling all these day-to-day struggles and routines, plus taking care of other people.

I’ve told my friends with kids I don’t know how they do it because I can barely handle myself and a cat.  My cat James has FIV, which is “kitty AIDS” as I’ve taken to describing it and is similar to HIV but with felines.  It’s not super common but he’s still super adorable (see picture) and he can still live a long, normal life just with occasional sickness.

When this happens I wake up, clean up the carpet, go back to bed, and hope he sleeps through the rest of the night. I have medicine on hand and usually he’s back to normal in a couple days.

When I mention to my mom I had to wake up at 4 in the morning to clean my carpets she jokes that it’s “kid training”.  I sometimes question how moms do what they do so perhaps these moments are preparing me for potential motherhood although on a very small scale.  My best friend from high school had a baby before Christmas and posted that she hasn’t had more than 4 hours of sleep a night in 2 months!!

When I read that I thought, “I would be a zombie” but I’ve also learned from my friends that when you have kids you just do what you have to do.  I realize my cat is not a kid (I’m not a crazy cat lady…yet) but when I heard him I didn’t even think about what time it was only that I needed to get up and take care of him.

I especially thought of all the moms out there when I got home from the gym and the store, realized I needed to finish my laundry, put together a grocery list, make lunch, write a post, file some paperwork, then if I want I could take a nap.

This was the moment that inspired today’s post.

I started thinking about all the women out there who stayed up with a sick child then went to work the next day or had to take care of the house, maybe she has other children.  Basically I realized those women might not be able to take a nap but still had to do all the things I was doing plus more, so I felt both grateful and selfish.

I guess I just wanted to publicly give some kudos to all the moms.  I don’t know if I will have children or not but I do know that I will never stop being in awe of the women who do.



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  4. Marc-André · January 16, 2015

    Beautiful black cat! 🙂


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