Random Movie Review Monday

I wrote this yesterday and thought I posted but apparently I didn’t, oops.

The weekend is coming to an end, unless you’re lucky enough to be enjoying a 3-day weekend.  Number one accomplishment this weekend was finally applying for a couple of the jobs I want, which is a big step for me.  I made a new sugar scrub with coffee grounds (it’s fantastic).  I spent 25 minutes in my tiny town driving around trying to find a place that was open before noon on Sunday so I could scan some documents (so frustrating).

Saturday morning was spent with a delicious breakfast and an unfortunately boring movie.

I’m obsessed with movies and awards season is like my Super Bowl.  Last weekend I watched the Golden Globes from E!’s 4 hour red carpet show to the last award.  We’re a month away from the Oscars so I’m trying to watch all the best picture nominees.  This weekend was “Boyhood“.

I wanted to like the movie because I like the director and I loved the way the movie was shot over 12 years.  When I watched the trailer for the first time I was intrigued.  Watching the boy grow up throughout the movie was definitely unique but overall the movie was boring.

It was almost 3 hours of simply watching someone’s everyday life and I wanted to find some deeper meaning in it but just felt bored.  Movies are an escape for me or at least I feel some emotional connection while watching but that only really happened once for me.

Toward the end Patricia Arquette’s character gives an emotional speech about her life as her son leaves for college.  When she lists the events in her life and says “I thought there would be more”….I felt it but otherwise I felt nothing.  I should have just stopped it but I’m not a quitter 🙂

At least it was a free Redbox rental.  I think the next one will be treating myself to a movie theater experience (maybe with some popcorn:) ) with “American Sniper”, although I’m hesitant about going to the theater for that one because I am a crier.

The weekend was a great combination of relaxation and accomplishment, especially applying for jobs.  I have more jobs to apply for this week plus it’s back into the gym for week 2.  I’m actually kind of looking forward to getting back into working out after a couple of days off.

My biggest exercise right now is keeping my fingers crossed that I hear good news back from the jobs I applied to today.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


One comment

  1. keen peach · January 19, 2015

    Keeping my fingers crossed too!


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