A terrible shopping trip and other adventures

I broke one of my cardinal rules of shopping for clothes, which is make sure you are in the mood to go shopping.  I got in the car and said “I don’t feel like going shopping today” then drove to the mall.  Unfortunately I get set on keeping my schedule that I forgot workout clothes would be nice but not a necessity.  I also had the expectation that I would run in pick out a couple things and be on my way so when the first few things didn’t work out I was immediately frustrated.

Also, as I sit here typing and devouring an apple with some almond butter, I didn’t eat anything today after the gym, which is something I am supposed to be working on this week.  Basically I ate a Luna bar this morning, worked out for almost 45 minutes, came home, got ready, and went shopping, somehow expecting my body to keep going with positive momentum on one small protein bar.

I’m definitely starting to become one of those girls who actually needs to eat throughout the day.  Probably sounds a bit weird since everyone needs to eat but in the past I would go a full day on one meal, now if I go a few hours without eating I start to feel it.  I’m learning the basic concept that bodies need fuel to keep going.

Eating as I was working on this post was a good idea, I feel more calm and less irritated with the world.  Now that I’ve had some food I’m ready to share my gym experiences so far this week.

Yesterday I increased the weight on almost all the machines during my strength training, didn’t feel it too much until I went to brush my hair this morning, ha ha.  I think I’ll stick with the same weight for the next couple weeks, maybe try more reps next week.  Only 5 minutes on the elliptical then 25 on the treadmill.  I was also really good and ate breakfast when I got home, just scrambled egg, turkey, and spinach in a pita pocket but it was good.

I did 8 minutes on the crossramp machine today, which I kind of like better than the elliptical but I’m still trying different machines to find what I like and also to keep things interesting.  I was going to do 25 minutes on the treadmill but did 35 because I was watching TV and not paying attention to time (one of the few times watching TV is good for me 🙂 ).

My goal for this week is 10 minutes on anything other than the treadmill, either the elliptical, the crossramp, or the strider machine (not sure what exactly it’s called but it was challenging for me).  Next will be jogging on the treadmill.

My brother was asking which half-marathon we should sign up for in 2016 and while part of me thinks he’s crazy but another part says why not?  I’ve never been a distance runner but I don’t see anything wrong with setting what might feel like an impossible goal.

I’ll break it up into baby steps and I know I have plenty of support 🙂


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