Day Off

*Experiencing technical difficulties with the site so hopefully I haven’t posted this 5 times but I’ll double check later and delete multiple posts if needed*

My readers know I am relentlessly hard on myself so today when I gave in to my exhaustion and took a day off from the gym I really felt bad.  I did try but my brain and body just weren’t having it today.  Once I was done being so harsh on myself I allowed the rational part of my brain to kick in and remind me a day off in the middle of the week is not the worst thing in the world.

I’m setting my own schedule right now and the gym is 24 hours so if I get a burst of energy later this afternoon or tonight I can go work out.  The other option is to simply enjoy this day off, accomplish some other tasks, and get back into the gym tomorrow.  I also realize Saturday and Sunday are days of the week if I want to get in 5 workouts.

I think sometimes it’s difficult to listen to your body, especially in the beginning stages of getting into a workout routine.  I question what’s actual exhaustion and what’s simply excuses.  Today when I was trying to get ready, listening to my favorite workout music to get going like I do every morning I could tell I just didn’t feel good.

It’s mentally difficult for me to accept this day off because I am genuinely trying to change my habits. I think I’m trying so hard to get into a routine that I’m worried missing a day will have me falling completely off the wagon but I know this isn’t going to happen because I’m committed to creating a gym habit.

I’m pushing aside my gym guilt and deciding to work on the career part of my transition…and the laundry part.  I’m going to apply for some more jobs. I received emails that I met the minimum qualifications for the jobs I applied to over the weekend so the application was passed onto the next manager, not an interview or job offer but progress.

After taking time off I need to get my mind back into work mode as I write a cover letter and answer application questions so I guess I can say I’m working out my mind today 🙂

Now if I’m writing about the same thing tomorrow then I am just making excuses and need to get myself back into the gym; however, I know that won’t happen because I am committed to my goals.


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