Waiting Patiently

I learned recently that searching for a job is not my favorite thing in the world because it brings out so much of my self-doubt.  Although I will say I have gotten somewhat better on this front because I realize I’m in desperate need of a new start and unemployment is beginning to wear on me.

Today I applied for a job where I met most of the qualifications but could definitely use more experience in the field; however, I didn’t let that stop me from throwing my hat into the ring (people still say that right?).  I figured the worst thing they can do is say no.

I don’t think they have a person who will call and scold or laugh at me for applying for a job that I’m under-qualified for (as a side note if that is a job I want it, I can be pretty mean sometimes and it sounds kind of fun).

I submitted my application and now I wait…..patiently.

This is probably the worst part of looking for a job, the waiting.  I’m realizing I probably should have started this at the beginning of the   month but since I don’t have a time machine I’m working on it now.  I’ve applied for a few jobs and received emails that my applications were sent on to the next level manager.I took that as positive and since then have been checking my email obsessively during the day.  I’m also checking for new job openings every day and working on ways to better market myself.

My days are an hour at the gym then a few hours job searching, applying, writing cover letters, editing my resume, etc.  Outside of that there’s not much more so I’m getting bored and hoping I get something soon.  Part of me wants to just move but I need to be careful so I don’t end up with a ridiculous commute.

I’m keeping myself busy with activities that fit with my plans of starting over in both my personal and professional life.  I’m still hauling away items I don’t need but need to focus on getting rid of the big items I don’t plan on taking with me.  I’m still eating healthy and getting ready to finish up week 2 at the gym so I know I’ve made some positive changes in my personal life that will help as I work on my professional life.

I’m maintaining my positive spirit and even though I’m struggling a bit right now I continue to believe the store closing was a great opportunity for a new start.  The struggle of starting a new career with no experience is real but I’m optimistic, everyone has to start somewhere and if I keep applying I will find something.


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