Impatience and Motivation

I took yesterday off from the gym and felt guilty (I suffer from chronic guilt) about it at first until I realized I went Thursday-Sunday, so taking Monday off was not unreasonable.  I used the time to refine my cover letter (thanks to my mom for helping me edit) so I could apply for a job I’m very interested in right now.  I’ve now applied for about half a dozen jobs with varying levels of success.

Statuses are either “application under review”, “referred to hiring manager” or “application received”, so there is more progress on some than others.  I continue to check my email obsessively and was jumping with excitement when one of my applications was referred to a hiring manager because it was one I applied for on a long shot with no real hope.  Each forward move of my applications helps me feel more confident in my abilities and gives me hope.

Unfortunately my professional life is not exempt from my impatience and I have to remember that the process takes time. Companies may have large numbers of applicants to get through and they look carefully to find the best applicants.   I’m so impatient to accomplish the major changes in my life, weight loss, career, and moving that I have to remind myself (constantly) that progress is positive and success does not happen overnight.

On the flip side of being impatient I also struggle to stay motivated in all my current endeavors and sometimes worry about losing momentum.

I almost talked myself out of going to the gym today but I chose to ignore all my excuses.  I realized I didn’t want all my progress defeated by my unwillingness to throw on some clothes and head to the gym for an hour.  I’m 9 days away from the 21 days it takes to form a habit so I’m not quitting plus working out today felt amazing and I’m not giving up.

I created a motivational display on my closet door a while ago but today I updated it with some new quotes that reflect my current goals and where I want to go.  I’m hoping this will help me out on the mornings I’m struggling to get moving.


It also helps to know I’ve publicly declared my goals to get healthy all over the internet, both here and on social media, so if I spontaneously quit I’ll let people down but more importantly I’ll let myself down.  I know I’m capable of so much I just have to be patient and stay motivated.

I read a quote yesterday that said “I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin”, which has become my new favorite motivational quote because that is exactly what I want, to be healthy, confident, amazing, accomplished, beautiful, and most importantly to know I am all of these things and more.


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