Curled up with a pint of ice cream

Last night I became enraged with the dishes in the sink, so irritated with myself for letting the dishes pile up that I wanted to cry and as I angrily threw the dishes into the dishwasher it dawned on me….the reason for my irrational angry….PMS.

It’s dominating my brain and my body right now so it will be the subject of my post today.

I admire the women who get limited symptoms and hope with a better diet and exercise my symptoms will decrease but right now my symptoms sometimes make me wonder if I’m dying.  My symptoms were not always this bad but over time have worsened to the point where I would gladly hide from society for days at a time if I could and today was one of those days.

I woke up this morning feeling exhausted, emotional, headache, bloated, irritated, aching, no desire to move beyond my warm bed but I refused to allow my own hormones to defeat me (although they are giving it everything they’ve got).  After a 45-minute cardio session at the gym (Yay!), I drug my aching body home to get ready to run some errands.  My routine right now is wake-up, gym, maybe an errand or two, home, shower, job search, Netflix.  I realized it had been at least a week since I last put on real clothes (not gym clothes) and went out into the world so I figured it was time.

I went on a mission to a local store in search of some non-slip workout headbands and found some to try but they’re not perfect so if you know of a good one, please let me know.  Next was the bank for quarters (laundry, the never ending chore) and finally WalMart for a few essentials.  My annoyance at a slow moving person in the aisle signified to me that I needed to dig out some patience, finish up my shopping and head home for lunch.

I gave into my cravings with a couple slices of pizza and a salad but I’m continuing to work on healthier ways to indulge my cravings instead of allowing myself a free pass to eat whatever I want once a month.  I was going to stop at the grocery store but instead decided to go home and make a list of what I actually need because today I would have had every chip and cookie in the store in my cart.  Instead I added berries and whipped cream to my list in an attempt to satisfy my rare sweet tooth.

I know giving into cravings is only going to make me feel worse so I’m trying to keep on track with my new healthy habits. I’ve read that exercise can help reduce symptoms but it’s so challenging to get moving when your body just wants to shut down.  This next week or so is going to be a struggle but since I’m not allowed to hibernate or simply take a week off from life I’m going to resist the urge to curl up in my bed with a pint of ice cream.

Tonight I’m going to indulge that sweet tooth with a granny smith apple, sprinkled with cinnamon and honey, baked in the oven and it will be delicious.  An early bed time, a hot cup of tea, a heating pad and I’ll be ready to tackle tomorrow.


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