You’ve got mail!

This is definitely a random topic but it’s my blog so I allow myself to go off topic every so often plus this could technically be part of my lifestyle change since one of my goals is to reconnect with people and get better at staying in touch.

I was going through my office and found a pile of cards I’ve received from my sister-in-law, who is a great pen pal and the inspiration for this post 🙂  We all get Facebook likes, instant messages, texts, emails, etc…but how often do you get actual physical mail that isn’t junk or bills?

When I started cleaning out stuff to prepare for moving I began to dig through old boxes and found piles of letters, birthday cards, and other random greeting cards that had been sent to me over the years.  I’m a packrat and a bit sentimental so I save just about everything.  It brought back so many memories to read through some of the letters.

I found myself on the floor for almost 2 hours, crying, laughing, and reminiscing as I dug through the boxes.  I had letters from high school friends who diligently sent me letters during my first year of college (thanks guys!), my grandparents expressing their disappointment at my failing grades but also their support that I would straighten up my act (I didn’t until years later), and love letters from my first real love (hence the tears).

I feel sad we don’t correspond more through the mail.  I appreciate the convenience of communication through all the various forms of technology but I will always treasure the hand written letters of my friends and family.  My sister-in-law has definitely inspired me to send more mail because few things brighten my day more than seeing something in my mailbox that isn’t a bill or random junk mail so I love the thought of bringing that joy to other people.

I find myself picking up cute cards when I see them and even bought some awesome Batman stamps (there’s tons of super fun stamps out). FullSizeRender (7) I also have tons of stickers (had a sticker collection when I was a kid and I never quite let it go) that I use to decorate the envelopes.

As I start adventuring I’m going to keep an eye out for unique postcards.

I would encourage everyone who might be reading to mail out a card, a letter, or a postcard to someone you know, encourage them to write back or to pay it forward by sending someone else a card.   We all stay so busy and I know I’ve been better with my correspondence (Although I have a few to write this weekend) since I haven’t been working but really it only takes 5 minutes to jot a quick note to someone and drop it in the mail.  I know once I start working I’ll keep on using “snail mail”

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that can brighten up someone’s day. 🙂

Feeling Good

Today I feel good, actually I kind of feel like a badass, sounds a bit silly I know but today is the first day in a while that I’ve felt really good about where I’m at with my life.

I left the gym feeling like a superstar ready to take on the world!  Also helps that we have blue skies, sun, and temperatures in the upper 40s (Above is the view out my office window, might have to take a walk today)!

This is my 7th week working out and I think I’m finally starting to see some real changes, which is making me feel more confident.  I woke up this morning and while laying in bed contemplating whether or not to get up I noticed some definition in my arm, not much but enough to motivate me to get to the gym.  I really didn’t want to go today and almost had myself talked out of it until that moment.

I’ve been reading about different playlists lately and have to say I stick to Pandora for my workouts and the rest of my day. My favorite workout stations are Workout (great mix of hip-hop, new pop, and some classics), Hip-hop workout and if I find myself needing to dig in a bit more I turn to Rap Strength Training.  One of the first songs I heard when I started my workout was a song I’d never heard before, Missy Elliott, Ching-a-Ling, and was instantly motivated (gotta be honest, I love a good booty-shakin’ club song), of course I also struggled to not just bust out some dance moves 😉  The rest of my day blogging and job searching is on shuffle so anything from Eminem to Ben Folds to 90’s grunge to Broadway, so a good but weird variety.

My workout today was half a mile on the elliptical (without feeling like I was going to collapse), then some strength training (about 35-40 minutes), one mile on an exercise bike, finished with one mile on the treadmill.  I did the mile in 17.5 minutes, a couple weeks ago I was about 18.5 minutes per mile, so I’m getting closer to my goal of a 15 minute mile.  This was the first time I’d used the bike since I joined the gym and I’ll definitely use it again.  Maybe part of what made me feel so good was throwing in some variety today with the elliptical and exercise bike.

I’ve also been making myself go to bed earlier (Sleep is good!) and continuing to work on my eating so I’m sure that’s also helping.  I might also be super excited because someone might be coming to take away the beast today (for those of you who don’t know the beast is an old TV I’ve been trying to get rid of for weeks).  I’m not holding my breath because I’ve had plans fall through with about 8 different people but I’m going to try to hold onto my optimism that this is the one, the person who will free my dining room of the beast, ha ha.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

Time to mix it up

When I first began my workout journey I wanted to work with a trainer but couldn’t commit myself to signing up for 3 months if I wasn’t even sure I was going to be in the area so I just had the starter course then I was on my own.

I’m doing alright on my own and my motivation to keep working out is in place despite not seeing dramatic weight loss I still want to keep moving.  I feel like even without weight loss I can see little differences and know my body is getting stronger and healthier.  If I keep eating right and moving I will eventually see results, I just have to keep reminding myself to be patient (Be Patient!).  I didn’t gain this weight overnight or even in a few weeks so it’s not going to come off right away.  Without motivation I would be back to sleeping in, sitting on my couch, thinking about how I should be working out, and wallowing in my own negativity (which is not very much fun).

My biggest problem right now is I’m starting to get bored so last week when I started feeling less than excited about my workout I knew I needed to act fast to keep my interest.  Once my interest in the activity goes, my motivation is quick to follow.

I spoke to the trainer who went through the starter course with me, let her know my situation, and she’s going to come up with a plan.  Basically I just need someone to help me put some variety into my workouts to help me keep going.  I was researching online but got overwhelmed by all the options plus I feel like such a gym novice someone showing me what to do would help me feel more confident and also probably keep my from injuring myself.

This week has been a bit weird because I was out of town until Tuesday so any type of schedule or routine I had was thrown out the window (Is it really already Thursday?!?).  I’m also struggling with this evil headache that has been lingering for the last couple days, hopefully it goes away if not my overpriced health insurance finally kicks in next week (definitely a downside of unemployment).  I went to bed at like 8 last night and extra sleep seems to have helped some but even with the evil lingering headache I worked out yesterday and today, hoping to get in Friday and Saturday for 4 days this week but we’ll see how it goes.

Hopefully by this time next week I’ll be in the process of learning some new moves so I can change up my workouts, stop the boredom before it settles in, and keep myself moving.