Tracking Goals

A six day workout week sounds better in theory than it does in reality and I ended up not meeting that goal last week.

I didn’t beat myself up about it because working out 5 days a week is more than I was doing 4 weeks ago.  I am going to try the six day workout again this week because I want to push myself more over the next few weeks.  I’m finding my groove but I’m also still experimenting with what works so I might try longer cardio sessions on my non-strength training days instead of working out more days of the week.

I’m kind of hoping I’ll make some progress on the job front this week and know once I start working it’ll more challenging to work out (not that I won’t keep up just might not be 5-6 days a week).

In my last post I mention the 4 week, 8 week, 12 week marks and I realized my 8 weeks is pretty close to the Oscars.  I’m a huge fan of awards shows so my mom and I are hosting an Oscars viewing party with some friends and family.  It would be great to go home with some results to show for all this working out.  This is one of the smaller goals on the way toward my large goal, all big goals require a series of small goals in order to be successful.

My big goal is to lose 90 lbs, which if I only focus on that number seems impossible but I’m taking it week by week.  I took my measurements today and I’m going to check this every 2 weeks, plus once a week weigh-ins.  I’m not totally ready to share pictures yet but I did take some and keep envisioning my before/after post 🙂

I’m a list person who loves to organize and keep track of data (I’m a nerd) so not working I have tons of free time that I’m using to find fun ways to keep track of my progress.  I keep a calendar on my front door that I mark with a smiley face sticker every time I head out the door to work out then when I get home I write down what I did that day.  Today I’m working on a spreadsheet to transfer the data from the calendar into a spreadsheet so I can track minutes, miles, etc. by week or month (yep, nerd).

Woke up at 7, got out the door by 8, and spent 1.5 hours at the gym.  It was super cold this morning (it’s snowing now) and I did not want to get out bed but now I’m glad I did.

Started out the week right with a workout but I’ve been struggling with eating.  I haven’t been very hungry lately but I know I need to eat to be successful with my workouts.  I bought some Cuties (love these) and bananas for easy snacks and I’m going to try again to plan my meals for the day.

Everyone around here is in Superbowl mode (Go Seahawks!) and I’m not big into football unless I’m actually going to a game but watching on TV not my idea of a good time.  A friend and I were joking about watching the Puppy Bowl so maybe we’ll do that, might be more entertaining plus a good chance to catch up and enjoy some wine 🙂

Happy Sunday!


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