A Rant about Cell Phones

I took Friday and Saturday off from pretty much everything.  I almost always wake up around 7am but those days I didn’t get up and start my day but instead did what I usually want to do and crawled back into bed.  Saturday I slept until almost 11 and it was amazing!  I think my body was really run down and I needed to rest and recharge.

Part of me thought just enjoy the last day of the weekend but another part of me spent all day yesterday thinking about the gym so I knew it was time to get back to it.

Sunday mornings (before 9am) are super quiet (like 4 people) and it was perfect for doing my strength training because I didn’t have to wait for any machine.  I’ve learned I’m a solitary workout person.  I like to do my own thing.  I don’t really like to talk with other people while I’m working out.  I want to do my workout and go home.  Maybe that’s a bit antisocial of me but it’s what I like.

I don’t mind the usual noises of the gym, the equipment, weights, people, but the quiet is nice partially because I’m so easily distracted.  I like to put in my headphones and tune out the world for the 60-90 minutes I’m at the gym, others do not like to do this and today other people’s addiction to technology interfered with my tuning out the world.

I watched a woman walking in talking on her cell phone but figured she was almost done with her conversation or would finish her conversation in the lobby area.  As I was walking along watching Lord of the Rings I could hear someone talking behind me, turned my head to see the woman on the elliptical, phone in hand, just talking away.  I gave her the “person talking behind me in a movie theater” look to signify my displeasure.  A guy a couple machines down was running and I saw him give her a look too but she continued with her loud conversation for several minutes.

I am addicted to my cell phone but I try to follow rules of courtesy about talking on the phone in public.

In any store my conversations are limited, often to a “can I call you back when I get home?” and never, never, ever at the checkout.  Working in retail this was my biggest pet peeve, trying to have a conversation with someone and they were talking on the phone.  At the least set the phone down for a minute while you’re being rang out, cashiers are people and deserving of your attention.

At the gym I use my phone for music while I’m strength training but I put it on do not disturb so I don’t get any calls during that time.  When I go to cardio the phone goes into my bag on silent.  I carried it with me once and spent my workout checking my phone every few minutes, which I realized I do all day so from that day forward when I’m at the gym I’m not available.

The gym does have rules about cell phones but during unstaffed hours people tend to bend or break the rules.  Last week I was next to a woman who was getting and responding to text messages every few minutes, I knew because I could hear the tone every time she got a new message.  I watched a guy on an exercise bike, watching TV with a cell phone and his tablet all out, it was almost comical.

I understand people are busy, jobs are demanding, and perhaps I’m being too harsh but the gym is a place to unwind.  I hope when I start working again I won’t have to stay connected to work all the time because I don’t think it’s healthy.  My last job I was constantly fielding calls from work and it stressed me out.  When I go to the gym I want to focus on my workout, I’m so connected all day that I’m starting to value time away from it all.  I think everyone deserves at least 30-60 minutes for a workout free from distractions.

Do I check my phone immediately after I’m done, before I’m even to my car?
Yes and usually I’ve missed absolutely nothing.


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