Cauliflower Tater Tots

I thought I would mix it up a bit and share one of my more successful attempts at cooking healthy from this weekend.  They might not look appealing, certainly not cooking magazine or blog quality but they were delicious.

A friend posted a video from BuzzFeed, “4 Tricks to Replace Carbs with Cauliflower” on Facebook and it inspired me to try something new.  I’d tried breadsticks out of cauliflower before and was less than successful but as a fan of tater tots I couldn’t stop thinking about giving it a try, plus I had a head of cauliflower on the verge of going bad.

There’s tons of different recipes out there but I used one from a site called Brunch Time Baker for “Skinny Baked Cauliflower tots” .  I had more than 2 cups of cauliflower so I used another egg and more bread crumbs to get the consistency right.  I also didn’t use quite as much cheese because I’m trying to cut down on cheese but when I make them again I’ll probably add more cheese.

IMG_5949I had some trouble forming the tots but I put a bit of water on my hands and that seemed to help.  I still made them way too big so they looked more like deformed blobs than tots but I’m not much of a cook and my first attempts are always like science experiments, ha ha 🙂  I was trying to fit them all onto this cookie sheet because I was too lazy to grab the bigger cookie sheet and wash this one so I kind of squished them on there but lesson learned.

I would definitely recommend this recipe to anyone who’s trying to avoid carbs, or like me just trying to find healthier alternatives to foods I used to eat all the time or a good way to sneak veggies to picky eaters.  I had everything on hand but a head of cauliflower is pretty inexpensive so I also like the budget friendly appeal of this recipe.

The final results were less than eye appealing but they tasted really good and I’ll definitely try this recipe again.  I’m also going to look into some of the other recipes with cauliflower and I’ll let you guys know how it goes.  Who knows?  Maybe this is just the start of more culinary adventures…


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  1. keen peach · February 10, 2015

    Oh! These are so cool! And I love cauliflower!

    Liked by 1 person

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