Mid-week Update-Dehydration & a Sick Cat

Monday night I was exhausted and had a terrible headache, so I took some Tylenol and went to bed early.  Tuesday the headache was lingering so I decide to skip the gym but also try to figure out the reason behind this ridiculous headache. I start to think about reasons for headaches and dehydration pops into my head.

Some quick research showed dehydration is a risk with whey protein.  A picture flashes through my mind of big muscly guys carrying around gallons of water and it clicks.  I’m working out 60-90 minutes a day plus errand running around plus chores plus added in some protein powder and realized I probably only drank about 48 oz of water on Monday.

Yesterday I drank tons of water, constantly refilling my 20 oz cup and this morning woke up feeling much better so I think my suspicion was right.  Drinking water has always been my one good habit but sometimes life gets busy and I allow the simple things to go by the wayside but I’m getting back on track

. IMG_5991This is my giant cup of water and a cup of ginger peach green tea (ignore the mess in the background).  I’ve already refilled the cup of water three times so I’m on the right track again, just need to make sure I stay there.

Monday I was also dealing with a sick cat (again) that probably didn’t help any with the headache.  I ended up taking him into the vet yesterday and turns out the poor little guy was constipated but after an overnight stay with the vet he’s back home.  He’s doing better but still taking it easy, spending half the morning curled up in my arms (as shown above).

I didn’t even realize that Monday was my 21st day working out!  That means it’s officially a habit and I definitely can’t quit.  I’m still exploring other options for strength training but today when I felt bored I jumped onto one of the cardio machines for 5 minutes and that seemed to help.  Next week I might look into switching up my routine and breaking up my strength training into different days, which would also help even up the time I spend at the gym.

I’m sure mixing cardio in the middle of strength training is not recommended; however, from researching I’ve found that there is no perfect method.  One article says do this, while the next says don’t do this, so I’m just figuring out things as I go along.  Once I settle someplace I’ll work with a trainer (if I can afford it) but since I started this journey my philosophy has always been to just keep moving and that’s what I intend to do.

I plan to finish out the week strong with workouts tomorrow and Friday then take Saturday off to relax.  One of the jobs I applied for went to the next step in the process.  I found a job a couple days ago that is exactly what I want to do and finally worked up the courage to apply.  I’m always more hesitant when it’s something I really want because I’m scared of the rejection.  Life is just moving right along and while I keep going through bouts of discouragement I know that I’m on my way to better things.



  1. keen peach · February 12, 2015

    It’s totally ok to mix cardio and strength training! Good job!
    I hope you poor kitty is better soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • daisy9979 · February 12, 2015

      I finally had to step away from researching online because I was getting overwhelmed so I’m just following the basics and learning as I go and kitty is doing much better. Thanks. We had a rough couple days but he’s back to running around the house.


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