The Mundane Details of the Day

I’m starting to feel a bit crazy because I go through periods of excited and hopeful to periods of feeling hopeless but whenever I start to feel too out of control I turn to writing.  Before deciding I should write a blog post today I was aimlessly perusing the internet under the guise of job hunting but I was mostly playing on Facebook and cleaning up my email.

I couldn’t get myself motivated.  For some reason writing out some of my thoughts helps me to focus, even if it’s just writing about the mundane details of my day, so here goes….

I did manage to make it to the gym and do laundry today.  The nice part is I work out early enough in the morning that there’s usually no one else doing laundry.  I can put my clothes in the wash, and go work out without feeling like a jerk for leaving my clothes in when other people want to use the washers or coming back to find all my wet clothes piled in my laundry basket (which I hate).

Knowing my clothes would be done in about 30 minutes I decide to limit myself to a 30 minute cardio session but time can be a bit of a struggle for me especially since I’ve started looking at miles.  My average is about 45 minutes to do 2 miles but I’ve been working on improving that time so I pushed myself to do 2 miles today.  It took 37 minutes, which is one step closer to my goal of a 15 minute mile.  I’m whittling my time down minute by minute.

One of my biggest hurdles to overcome and I’m sure it’s one that every workout newbie (or anyone) struggles with is comparison.  Part of this is just some of my personality traits coming into play, namely the perfectionist and my super competitive side.  One of my ways to combat this is to compete with myself and just work on pushing myself to do better this week than I did last week.

Checking my handy cardio spreadsheet I’ve put in the same amount of miles in less time so I’m picking up the pace and I’m hoping I’ll make it into the gym for one more day this week for at least one more mile.  I would love to get in two but we’ll see how my feet and legs are feeling tomorrow because today my legs are sore and I need to put a bandage on a blister.  Despite the soreness and the blisters I still love working out, even getting to the point where I can’t imagine being without it.

I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll be a bit more focused because I actually have a list of things I want to get done before I head home next weekend for my Oscars Party.  I’m really looking forward to it but need to get some stuff before I go so that needs to be my motivation over the next week.  Must focus.


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