Getting rid of the beast

I sat down today to write a quick blog post but got caught up with half a dozen other things so this is going to be an assortment of topics.

I’m going to move, I know that, I don’t know when, I don’t know where but I am moving so in anticipation of that I am selling or getting rid of everything I own.  Okay, maybe not everything but as many large items as possible.  The one thing that has been haunting my dining room for months now is the TV (cleverly concealed next to my almost empty water cooler, I’ve been drinking tons of water).


I have a 32″ CRT TV that weighs about 90 lbs and is too big to fit in my car, and too obsolete for the Salvation Army to pick up so there it sits.  After trying 2 Facebook local classified sites I finally turned to Craigslist and have some takers.  Getting rid of the beast (that’s what I’ve taken to calling it, it’s big, annoying, and I can’t seem to get rid of it) would be a huge accomplishment for me.  I also have someone this weekend coming by to look at a couch I had in my office.

Hooray for getting stuff out of here!

I’d printed out several of my photographs poster size when there was a sale on poster printing because I was going to open an etsy shop to sell some of my photographs.  Life got too busy with work so I never sold them but found them when I was cleaning so listed them on the classified sites and a local magazine editor commented she would be interested in using my work.  I’ve never done anything like that but how cool would that be? 🙂

This was what I was originally going to post about….In my post Tracking Goals I mentioned doing measurements so today I took my measurements again to discover progress, not huge earth-shattering progress but progress.  I’ve only lost about 3 lbs but I did lose 1″ from my waist, 1.5″ from my bust, and 2″ from my hips.  My arms, calves, and thighs were all about the same.  I plan to measure every Friday.

Last week I did 9.1 miles and this week I did 10.7, only did 1.5 miles today instead of 2.  I was really pushing but my ankle reminded me that I might need to slow it down and maybe take a day off, think this evening will be ice and elevation.

The last couple days though I’ve really slacked on my eating but I’ve been strangely not hungry so I have to remind myself to eat but I’m hoping I can get that back on track.  I was in a really good place with my eating so I just need to refocus.  I think I allowed myself to get overwhelmed with information and was thinking way too much about what and when I was eating instead of just eating reasonable portions when I was hungry.

I might head into the gym on Sunday, it’s quiet in the morning and definitely one of my favorite days to work out right now, but I think I’m taking tomorrow off unless I wake up tomorrow with a random burst of energy.  I’ve got lots of plans for the weekend and hopefully by Monday I will be free of the beast, ha ha

Have a great weekend!!!

*Update since I started writing this I chatted with the lady from the magazine and will be putting together a portfolio of my work this weekend, might use wordpress to create a digital portfolio so if I do I’ll share the link so y’all can check it out.

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