Check out my Photos :)

Just a short and sweet post for a Sunday afternoon.

Friday I mentioned making a connection with a local magazine about my photography.  She asked if I had a portfolio and I didn’t so I used the wonderful resources here at WordPress to create a digital portfolio.  I’ve been thinking of putting together something for my photos if only to encourage me to organize them better so this was good motivation to start that project.  Also since I’m not working my brain was excited to have a project to focus on this weekend.

I love photography.  It’s fun to find beauty in everyday things that people might not notice or to capture amazing moments in the world around me.  I’m definitely an amateur but it’s something I enjoy.  The other benefit is when the weather is nice I can combine my hobby with my workouts taking my camera out with me on walks, which is something I might do today since it’s already starting to feel like spring.

It’s still a little chilly but it’s almost over 50 degrees (in the Northwest when it hits 50 degrees it’s shorts and t-shirt weather 😉 ) and I feel guilty sitting on the couch looking at all the blue sky outside, also I didn’t make it to the gym at all this weekend so I’m feeling a little lazy.  I meant to get up this morning but instead decided to lay in bed and read.

Hope you guys get a chance to check out my photo page, My World Through a Lens, (not a totally unique title but it’s what popped into my head so I went with it) and feel free to share your thoughts.


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