Continued Job Hunt & Picking up the Pace

I’m supposed to be filling out job applications but I’m a bit all over the place today.  I figured I would blog for a few minutes then close all the windows I’m flipping between and just finish the application.

I really just want to write something like this:  “Please give me this job.  I know I have no experience in this field but I’m so passionate about wanting to start a career in a field that would give me a chance to help people.  I am self-motivated and really want this job.  I would be amazing at it and do anything you want me to do if you would just give me a chance. *This is where I try the Jedi mind trick (yeah I’m a nerd)* Just give the job to me now, do not look at other applicants, they are not as awesome as me.  Give me the job, please, I really need it and want it right now.  Thank you for your time.” *insert picture of me grovelling*

Okay maybe I won’t make that my new cover letter and my attempts at the Jedi mind trick have never worked so I just keep applying, something will work out.  I did have another job move to the “referred to hiring office” status so this is a positive step.  I have 4 applications sitting at this step so the next step is either an interview or the dreaded rejection email but either way it could be weeks before I hear anything else so I wait.

While I’m waiting I’m starting to feel like I’m losing my mind so I continue to find ways to keep myself busy, although today I am oddly exhausted guess yesterday’s Netflix marathon (The Tudors, season 2) really wore me out 😉

I did make it to the gym this morning, doing 2 miles in 35.5 minutes so now I need to shave just 5 minutes off that time. Today I really felt like pushing my pace and did almost 2 minutes at 4.5 mph without wanting to pass out, which is amazing for me.  When I first started I was at about 2.5 mph and pushing myself at 3.0 mph.  I’m now starting at 3.0 mph and consistently working myself up to faster times for longer so I’m on my way to jogging more consistently, which makes me so excited.

I’ve always been nervous about jogging because I’m worried about my joints partially because of genetics and partially because of my own history.  I was having tons of knee pains when I was working, probably because I was walking around on concrete floors without breaks for 10-12 hours at a time (I bought new work shoes about every 6 months).  Honestly, I’m not as worried about it as I used to be because since working out my aches and pains have diminished drastically.  I’m just going to listen to my body, which is not always easy because I want to keep pushing but I also don’t want to risk injury.

I’m still waiting to hear from the trainer and sent her another message today but if I don’t hear from her I’ll just start exploring other options to mix up my routine or check out the other trainers.  I feel like if I want to give you money for a service you might want to follow up when you say you’re going to and if for some reason you’re not available just let me know…..Okay, I’m done mildly ranting but follow up is super important to me especially from a business.

Today has gone by oddly fast, so I’m going to research a possible excursion for this week and then figure out what’s for dinner.


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