Crossing the Line

I’m beginning to think my cold may actually be allergies so I’m going to start treatment in that direction and I’m getting myself moving again.  I begrudgingly got dressed for the gym and threw my laundry in the washer before heading out for a quick workout.  I warmed up with  a few minutes on the treadmill before going through some strength training.  I didn’t do everything I usually do but I was still feeling a bit puny and also a bit annoyed.

The source of my annoyance will need to be addressed in person at some point but today I was too annoyed and still not feeling very good so I think my complaint would have been more emotional than logical.

I mentioned last week I spoke to a trainer about working with her.  Per her request I followed up with an email to her explaining what I was looking for, then spoke to her in person again after I sent the email to ensure she received it and she had but was going out of town for the weekend.  I was promised a follow up on Sunday, never received it.  She was busy when I went in on Tuesday so I followed up with another email….nothing.  I shouldn’t have to work so hard to pay someone for a service so at this point I’m done.  I might talk to the owner about other trainers or I might just wait until I move.

I hate to seem harsh and I’ll talk to her next time I see her because complaining without addressing the source of the problem doesn’t solve anything.  Even if I don’t really want to work with her anymore I think I need to bring it up if only to clear my mind of the issue.  Maybe she did just forget or her schedule is too busy but in any business follow up is important.

Anyways, my annoyance is also fueling me to just take my training into my own hands.  The competitive side of me is like “You don’t want to train me?  That’s okay.  I don’t need you.  I’ll train myself and become even more awesome.”

I’m back to researching and I know I said this last week but I am promising myself to get into the weight area next week.  Who knows?  I still have one more day this week.  An early Saturday morning might be just quiet enough to give me the courage (I’m not sure why I need it but I do) I need to cross that carpet line 🙂


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