A few too many….

I often think of how grateful I am that I made it through my 20’s before camera phones and the barrage of social media that surrounds us daily.  I was a bit of a party girl, probably more than I should have been but I had some good times; however, as I grow older partying in the same manner (with the goal of simply getting as drunk as possible) has lost its’ appeal.  Plus there’s no way my 35 year old body could handle that level of drinking and my professional life could handle that level of irresponsibility.

Every so often though I throw caution to the wind and enjoy one or two drinks too many.  Last night was one of those nights so today I have eaten ridiculously unhealthy food but plan to make a decent dinner and get fully back on track tomorrow. On the bright side I’ve definitely drank enough water today.  I’m not beating myself up for too many drinks, chicken strips, and fries because I recognize these things as deviations from my norm, treats that I enjoy once a month or every few months.  I think the last time I went out was in November so I was overdue for a night of fun and eating one unhealthy meal is not going to delete all my progress.

Waking up with a hangover does always remind me that I actually enjoy being a person who wakes up early and gets stuff done in the morning.  I hated laying in bed feeling sick when normally I would be up and at the gym.  I thought about going this morning but with only 5 hours of sleep and a pounding headache skipping the gym was the best choice, although I might take a walk later because it’s so nice outside.

I’d wanted to head out on an adventure today but going out last night was an adventure in that it was something that got me out of the house and socializing with other people.

I was again reminded that I do not want to be a hermit and think I might even be ready to try dating (yikes!).  A guy sat at our table for a bit and even though I wasn’t super attracted to him he seemed like a decent guy, plus we had a nice conversation.  I’ve been hesitant because I had some awful experiences (I’ll share the stories later) when I tried the dating thing a couple years ago (yes, years ago). I was also waiting because I feel like everything in my life is so up in the air right now but I continue to realize I can’t keep waiting for some perfect time to do things I want to do in my life.  I couldn’t find the quote but basically time is going to pass either way so I might as well make the most of it.  Plus dating is just scary.

This week I’m going for a hike, found a place only a couple hours away then a half mile hike to get to some amazing waterfalls.  The weather here is getting to be so nice I’m definitely going to start exploring and who knows maybe I’ll even find someone to go exploring with me 😉

Photo:  Someecards


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