I did it!

I forgot to include it in my budget post because I was so wrapped up in that topic but I had a major accomplishment today.

I went into the weights area at the gym!  Woo-hoo!

I’ve only been talking about doing it for the last few weeks but today I finally summoned up the courage and took my pink Nikes across the carpet line.  They actually have two different carpets so it does make it feel like a complete divide.  I should have taken a picture 🙂  It felt a bit awkward because I didn’t know exactly what I was going to do but no one kicked me out, pointed at me, or laughed out loud so none of my worst fears came to life.

I just did a few sets of bicep curls with a wavy bar (I’m sure it has a name but I’m too lazy to look it up) but it was something and even though it was such a small thing it was one of my goals.

It was one step in conquering one of my silly fears and now that I’ve crossed that line I know I can do it again!


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