I work out!

I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning (so many of my posts start like this, ha ha) even though I should have been jumping up since I spent most of yesterday napping and watching movies.  I’m still blaming some of it on Daylight Savings time because I’m still having to use an alarm to get myself up (which I hate).  I was regretting agreeing to meet with the trainer at 8AM but that’s when I usually go to the gym anyways and her time is limited so I needed to take what I could get so I could get some sessions.

My trainer is great because she knows we only have a few sessions and she’s really doing her best to get in as much information as possible in our 1 hour a week over the next couple weeks.  She actually sat with me and taught me about the different muscle groups then covered what muscle groups we were working with each exercise.  I like that she’s not just telling me what to do but actually teaching me why she’s selecting these specific exercises.   She’s also covering some of the variations with the different exercises to help me mix it up (squats with weights, different grips, etc).

This information will definitely come in handy when I’m back on my own and creating my own workouts.  I haven’t really worked out in a gym since high school so just learning the basics and terminology is super helpful.

Knowledge is power!  😉

This has also helped reinvigorate my desire to workout because it’s something new.  I now have 2 routines I can do for strength training instead of just rotating through the machines like a zombie.  Today we did squats and dumbbell chest press; machine leg extension, dumbbell chest fly, and machine leg curl; high pull with kettle bell and seated calf raise, then I did 25 minutes on the treadmill.

I will say doing workouts on the machines first helped because many of the exercises I’m doing are the same I was doing on the machine just a bit different.  Working out with a trainer and getting into the weight area are two goals I have now accomplished.  Yay!  I’m enjoying the ability to walk into the weight area and not feel like I’m walking into a foreign country, even though I still have a ton to learn it’s definitely helping with my confidence.

Perhaps it’s just in working on my physical strength I’m finding more of my inner strength because even though I’m anxious about finding a job I’m also finding a place of contentment.  I’ll stop myself from going too far into this because I’ve got another post planned about confidence this week.

That was my workout today, tomorrow I’m going into the gym for a long cardio session unless the weather is nice then I might just plan a nice long walk because I think I’m growing into one of those outdoorsy people 🙂



  1. keen peach · March 16, 2015

    Ha! I meant Yay! So….

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  2. keen peach · March 16, 2015

    , do glad you are feeling more confident in the gym!

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