Building up Speed

Some days I sit down to write but can’t think of anything to write about but other days I have several different topics floating around in my head.  My topics will vary from post to post but I’m trying to stay on topic throughout the post….if that makes sense.  It also dawned on me this morning I can also do more than one post in a day.  Shocking, I know.

Working out is probably number one on my mind this morning.  For some reason I’ve been tired but I realized this morning I hadn’t been taking my vitamins so I think that could be part of it plus the weather went from super nice to gray and dreary again (Where is spring?!?) which I know affects my desire to jump out of bed in the morning.  I’ve been trying to get myself to the gym by 8am but I keep having to remind myself this is a preferred schedule and not set in stone so if I want to lay in bed a bit that’s not always a bad thing.

The most important thing to me is that at some point during the day I get my ass out the door for some type of physical activity.  Today my excuse or obstacle was wardrobe.

I’d picked out clothes last night but was worried that the shirt I chose would show too much cleavage.  I’m at a bra size beyond a DD and have yet to find the perfect sports bra but I wear a regular bra, a cheap sports bra, a cami plus a shirt so I really layer up to keep everything in place.  Even with my layering I realize I’m going to have some cleavage and a quick Google search of “cleavage at the gym” tells me it’s not that big of a deal unless it’s extreme so I get over my wardrobe issues and head to the gym (Google saves the workout).

I’m loving my new workouts but I’m still a little bit intimidated by the weight area so I try to sneak in when there’s not very many people.  One of my biggest fears is committing some gym etiquette faux pas but I figure if I’m conscious of the people working out around me and ask if I’m not sure, no one will yell at me.  It’s definitely in my list of irrational fears.  I push through my workout, which is designed to work several different areas of the body.

I started with stationary lunges and lat pulldowns, mostly because I hate lunges and want to get them over with as early in the workout as possible.  I did single leg knee ups on the roman chair and back extensions, which I also hate but not as much as lunges.  Cable bicep curls and cable tricep rope extensions, which I don’t mind.  My favorite is using the TRX suspension system to do rows and squats so I saved that one for last.  3 sets of 10 for each.

I wanted to skip the back extension and lunges but I know the reason I wanted to skip them is because they’re hard but I know if I want to get better I have to keep doing them.  I might see if there’s other ways to work out those muscles but I recognize I’m not going to be in love with every exercise I do plus I’m also aware of my other reason for hating them, which is I’m not very good at them.  Like other people I hate looking silly and I feel silly doing these but I push through because that’s just what you do, right?  Well that’s what I do, I push forward with the goal of getting really good at these exercises. 🙂

My big accomplishment for the day though was doing a mile on the treadmill in 16 minutes!  That’s my best time yet and only a minute away from my 15 minute goal.  A few weeks ago I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to do a 15 minute mile but now it’s within my grasp and I’m learning (like everything else) it just takes time to build up speed.  It’s easy to get caught up in comparing myself to other people and feeling frustrated that my progress is so slow but I know real, long-term progress is a process.

Once I reach 15 minutes I’ll just get faster and keep whittling away the minutes.


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