Disastrous Dating

Let’s have a fun, random topic for a lazy Saturday.

It’s random but it’s been on my mind because I’ve been seriously considering dipping my foot back into the dating pool but it’s scary 😮 .

Dating is one of my biggest fears because it’s so challenging.  The Internet and smart phones have completely reshaped the world of dating so it’s become unrecognizable to a person who just wants to meet someone and go on dates.  I mean a date in the real world preferably in a public place like a restaurant or coffee shop, not at a guy’s house or at my house.  We might even plan the date during an actual phone call…..or maybe that’s asking too much 🙄

The last time I attempted dating I went with an online site where I met several guys but it was so insane I gave up after a couple months.  Most of them were looking for hookups. Some waited a few days before unleashing their crazy some just let it fly right off the bat.

Thanks for all the pics of your privates, random guy.
Thanks for wanting to me to come over so you could massage my feet, weird guy.
Thanks for trying to drag me into drama with your ex, emotionally unavailable guy.

I went on two actual dates that were so terrible I vowed to shift my pursuits toward those of becoming a crazy cat lady.  I keep thinking I’m ready to try again but when I remember these experiences it makes me want to stay single forever.

Date #1:  A guy who I was not attracted to at all but I was in a place where I was feeling adventurous and willing to take chances, put myself out there and see what happens.  Over dinner I found out he still lived with his parents, had a part-time job, and didn’t seem to have any future goals, which is a big red flag for me.  He also wanted me to come back to his place that night and “watch a movie”…..No. (I’ve learned “watch a movie” rarely means actually watching a movie) He continued to text me even though I told him I was not interested romantically so I eventually blocked his number.

Date #2:  Another guy who wasn’t exactly my type but like I said I was feeling brave and willing to try.  On our first date he asked how many kids I wanted to have and how soon I wanted to have them, pretty sure the answer he was looking for was “as many as possible” and “right now”.  It was right around the holidays and as I talked about my plans he began to try to invite himself along…..No.  It was super awkward and we did not have any contact after that date.

I’ve been accused of being picky but I’m trying to be more open.  I was going to say I don’t really have a list of what I’m looking for but I would be lying so just for fun let’s see what I’ve got in my list.

A job or job prospects-Job used to be a requirement but since I’m unemployed that might be a bit hypocritical.
Positive attitude-I’m not saying someone has to be all sunshine and rainbows because life isn’t like that but I can’t be around someone who can’t ever see the positive sides of a situation.
Active-This is a new one for me but since I’m trying to be more active I would want someone who is already active or looking to be more active so we can encourage each other.
Sense of humor-I’m sarcastic so I need someone who can handle that and I can’t stand people who take themselves too seriously.  Life is funny.
Adventurous-This goes along with being active.  I want to explore the world so I need someone who also wants to go on adventures, whether a vacation overseas or a road trip across the state.
Creative-I love arts and crafts.  I love music.  I love creating so I would like someone who also likes to create or at least appreciates creativity.
Sense of self and goal-oriented-I’m finally at a place where I’m finding happiness with myself.  I’m not exactly where I want to be in my life but I have goals and I’m making progress with those goals.  I want someone in a similar place in his life.  He doesn’t have to have it all figured out but at least have a sense of self and some goals for the future.

I don’t think the list is too crazy or unrealistic but I know life doesn’t work from a list and emotions, hormones, or fate will potentially override anything on this list.  I still believe there’s someone out there for everyone and I’ll eventually meet my someone……or worst case scenario James the cat gets some new roommates as I ease myself into the life of a crazy cat lady 🐱

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