Lazy Saturday & Not Feeling Guilty about it

Okay, maybe I am feeling a little guilty otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it so maybe I’m trying to write away my guilt.

I woke up to an unusually early alarm I forgot I set this morning in an attempt to possibly capture the blood moon lunar eclipse.  Once I saw the memo I remembered then I heard the raindrops on the window and knew I was not going to be able to see anything but the second unfortunate part of this story is now I’m awake at 4:45am on a Saturday.  I curl back up into bed and thankfully fall back to sleep relatively quickly.

I wake up around 7am to James the cat hitting me in the face reminding me it’s his breakfast time (I remind myself I love him) so after hiding under the covers for a few more minutes I finally get up.  I plan to go back to sleep but it doesn’t happen.  I enjoy an hour of laying in bed watching TV before I realize I’m starving so I get up for breakfast, which was delicious but I’ll have more about that tomorrow.

I talk with my mom earlier in the day who asks questions like “Are you out enjoying the sunshine?” “Were you working out?” My response is “I’m curled up on the couch watching TV and writing” (Even though I roll my eyes I’m kind of glad she asks me these questions.  She has the best of intentions and I tend to be a bit of a hermit, so technically I should be out enjoying the sunshine)

I have my blinds drawn because of my weird new neighbors who walk past my apartment 10 times a day to get to the smoking area and I’m curled up under a blanket because despite the sunshine I know it’s cold.  Basically, I am in no way enjoying the sunshine.

After I hang up the phone I instantly begin to feel like I should be out enjoying the sunshine despite my previously scheduled engagement with my couch and Game of Thrones (re-watching before the new season starts next week).  I begin to feel really guilty about doing nothing.  I eat lunch then grab clothes out of the closet and throw them on my bed with the intention of going out.  I debate shower or hat.  I start to put on makeup then I change my mind……I’m tired.

To ease my anxious mind I accomplish a few things.  I create a to-do list for the coming week.  I create my meal plan.  I plan my Seattle trip.  I plan for going to a friend’s place tomorrow for Easter.  I plan my gym days.  I write this post.  I’m going to make dinner then I’m going to crawl back onto the couch, under the blanket, with James the cat beside me and just accept that this is a Lazy Saturday.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Easter weekend!


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