Meal Plan Lessons-The First Week

I’ve been doing a great job this week keeping up with my meal plan and I had an awesome workout this morning *pats self on back*  😀
Early morning Easter Sunday=Sharing the gym with 1-2 other people

IMG_6551On the menu for breakfast yesterday was a veggie fritatta but I hated the idea of making a big dish and having more leftovers then *ding* I realize I have the perfect dish to make a single sized breakfast.  This is going to be a regular breakfast item for me.  Broccoli, red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms, sausage, mozzarella cheese, and of course eggs.  I love just about any meal with minimal prep, where I just put it in the oven and come back to delicious ready-to-eat food.

This first week of meal plans was a learning experience.

My biggest mistake was underestimating the amount of leftovers I would have from each meal.  I planned a new dinner every night but my completely packed fridge tells me this is not the best idea unless I want to end up with wasted food because even if I’m eating 3 meals a day plus snacks there’s really only so much one person can eat in a day.

This week I’m working on both smaller portions and more leftovers incorporated into the plan.  Pretty much all my lunches are going to be leftovers this week.  Today I’m going to do a “look and see what I have” inventory of the fridge to plan my meals for the coming week, especially since I’m going out of town I want to eat up as much as possible to reduce wasted food.

I did good with the shopping this week because my fridge was completely stocked from my shopping trip at the beginning of the week.  I’m going to do a comparison of my shopping the week before but I’m sure I saved money because I know I didn’t have as many of the “running into the store for one or two or 15 things” at $25-$40 a trip it was adding up.  I’m also not shopping at all this week because I have plenty of food and if I do I’ll write about it (accountability).  I did buy eggs today but I was out and need some for coloring 😉

I’ll have my meal plan posted tomorrow since I like the sound of Meal Plan Monday better than Meal Plan Sunday and because I’m headed to a friend’s house to color eggs and enjoy some snacks so the meal plans kind of out the window today.

Happy Easter!

James the cat as The Easter Bunny :)

James the cat as The Easter Bunny 🙂


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