Sugar, Sugar

Yesterday afternoon I went to a friend’s house to enjoy some snacks, color eggs, and watch movies.  I will precede this post by saying she is an awesome friend who I love spending time with and an excellent hostess, who even let me pick the movies 🙂  “The Incredibles” & “Despicable Me” seemed appropriate for a laid back Easter Sunday.

01ac0a72d0518c91bb380864e172695d29c98208c5She had a tiny crock pot where she melted chocolate for us to dip strawberries, pretzels, marshmallows, and oranges.  Yum!

It was delicious.  I enjoyed a bit of everything but I finally had to stop the chocolate and just eat some of the fruit on its’ own.

I rationalized with myself, “It’s a holiday” but I knew I’d indulged enough for the next 2 weeks.

She mentioned melting some more chocolate but I really didn’t want to because I knew I would be tempted to eat more so I politely declined.  There was a basket full of candy and she offered me candy but I again declined.  She also talked about grabbing some potato chips.

She offered jelly beans which are often promoted as “low fat” (I know this because I used to think Jelly Bellies weren’t a bad snack choice) and she pointed out the pack was only about 140 calories.  Looking at the pack it had I think, 27g of sugar 😮  A splurge here and there is one thing but eating massive amounts of sugar out of politeness just isn’t my style anymore.

My refusals to snacks were getting awkward and I finally had to come clean about avoiding sugar.

I rambled a bit about splurging every so often but I knew I’d already eaten more than my daily allowance of sugar in the chocolate, marshmallows, fruit, plus the food I’d already eaten in the morning and the Starbucks coffee I splurged on after the gym…..yeah, I was definitely beyond my sugar capacity and I was full.

Even though I’ve been on this journey for several months this was one of the first times I’ve had to deny food because of my lifestyle change.  It was just the 2 of us so I couldn’t hide my not eating as much behind other people.  I explained as of my last blood work I was pre-diabetic so avoiding sugar is just one of the many changes I’m making so that my next set of labs comes back positively.

In the past I would have eaten more chocolate and accepted a pack of jelly beans plus munched on some candy out of the Easter basket but I couldn’t do that yesterday.  I can’t say I’ll never overindulge again but I won’t allow myself to slip all the way back into old habits especially not because I don’t want to speak up about my new eating preferences.  I’m not condemning anyone or their choices (seriously the snacks were delicious) and (even though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it) for most people indulging in too much sugar one day is not going to hurt anything.  I just can’t do it.

This situation made me realize I have made some progress.  I’m not willing to compromise my health to simply “go with the flow” and I’m proud of that fact.



  1. keen peach · April 6, 2015

    Good for you Daisy! You have come a long way! That’s such a good feeling when you realize that you are so much better at making good choices than you used to be.
    I pigged out on sweets at Easter yesterday! I don’t know what got into me haha! It’s hit or miss on the holidays. Sometimes I have amazing will power and hold strong the whole time. Other times I eat my weight in cookies. Yesterday was the second one haha. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • daisy9979 · April 6, 2015

      Holidays are always surrounded by tempting treats! Every so often you gotta just enjoy the day and eat your weight in cookies 🙂
      Cookies are my weakness….I bought Girl Scout cookies last week and had to throw them on a high shelf so I couldn’t get to them as easy and eat the whole box ha ha

      Liked by 1 person

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