The Quiet

It’s blissfully quiet in my apartment.
Pandora is off.
The TV is off.
James the cat is sleeping.
My neighbor’s baby is not crying (Yay! I’m sure they feel the same.)
My other upstairs neighbors are not stomping about like they’re trying to come through the floor (seriously, it’s bad).

The only noises are the click of the keys on my laptop as I type away and the cars driving by outside. Occasionally a dog barks or I hear a voice outside but otherwise it’s peaceful.  I’ve never been the type to enjoy the quiet.  I always have music playing or the TV on but lately I’m finding I kind of like the quiet.

I don’t know if it’s old age or what but the quiet moments writing or just sitting in the morning drinking my cup of coffee and staring out the window are the moments I look forward to in my day.  I think part of it is I spend so much of my day multi-tasking so when I get those moments of quiets I treasure them immensely.  Most of the day I’m typing away on my laptop while watching TV and texting friends.

When I have times without all the distractions I find myself treasuring those moments.

On my walks I often turn off my music especially when I come to the path by the stream. I like to hear the sounds of my breath and my steps on the path.  I’ll try not to get too poetic but I love to hear the birds, the wind, and the gentle babble of the stream.  It’s nice.

I’ve actually found myself seeking out moments of quiet and they work with my attempts to reduce my technology time.  I’m not allowed to turn on my TV before noon on weekdays and most days it doesn’t come on until much later.  I spend the first hour on my computer without music.

My favorite time is when I come home from the gym I often sit and drink coffee doing nothing but enjoying my coffee and thinking.  It’s weird because I spend most of my time overthinking but this time is peaceful and clear.


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