I Want My MTV….

I sometimes feel like I’m getting so old.  I just looked down at the time and said “Oh my gosh, it’s noon already” as if I’d wasted half the day away when in reality I’ve already been up, wrote my meal plan for the week, went to the gym, went grocery shopping, and paid bills.  It’s just funny how noon feels so late in the day when in reality I still have tons of day left but when I pretty much lock myself in by 6PM or 7PM noon can seem late.

It’s just one of the little things that make me feel old, the 3 day hangovers, bed time by 10PM (or earlier), waking up at 7AM almost all the time, and then the event that took place this weekend.

While I was in Seattle this weekend my best friend and I decided to watch the MTV Movie Awards.  I always used to look forward to the MTV awards shows but I know the last time I recorded the Video Music Awards I only watched about 5 minutes because I didn’t know who half the artists were when they announced who was performing.

This felt similar.

We ended up watching the whole thing but didn’t know who the performers were (Ty Dolla Sign? 😕 ) and also didn’t know several of the actors presenting awards.  I didn’t think many of the jokes were very funny and some were just crude, now I’m no prude or easily offended but I do have a line where I think humor goes beyond funny into gross or offensive.  Many of the jokes just felt juvenile……

*sigh*  Neither of us wanted to admit it but I did throw it out there, “We might be too old for the MTV Movie Awards”  I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, right?

I don’t always remember my age until I’m hanging around with people who are much younger or trying to watch a show for a younger demographic (like almost anything on MTV, except for Catfish, love that show), then I’m like “Oh yeah, I’m 35 years old.”  It’s not always a negative recognition but simply the realization I’m at a different place in my life which isn’t bad.
It happens to all of us.
We get older.
It’s a fact.
It’s gonna happen.
And it beats the alternative (as my grandpa always says)

Adding to my age-related line of thought was watching a silly plastic surgery show this morning featuring women who are trying to deny their age and surgically mold themselves into some younger, different version of themselves instead of just accepting the fact that we all age.  Even if you tighten everything up, lift, tuck, snip, etc. you’re still aging, the process doesn’t stop just because you’ve tried to slap a 30-year-old face onto a 50-year-old body.

Instead of plastic surgery I suggest people:
Focus on basic health,
don’t smoke,
don’t drink alcohol excessively,
drink lots of water,
wear sunscreen,
eat real food,
be around people who make you happy,
and find a job you love.

Find happiness in what you do and who you are instead of dwelling on the negative or constantly trying to fix something that wasn’t broke in the first place.

Maybe I’ll feel differently in 10 years.  Maybe I’ll be trying to jokingly celebrate my 29th birthday every year for the next decade but I don’t think so because I wouldn’t want to go back to that time.  I’m healthier now than I was then so I want to embrace myself and my body even when the wrinkles start showing up and the gray hairs take over my head (they’re already trying).

I just want to continue improving my health, staying active, and maintaining my sense of adventure because I think it will help keep me youthful even with gray hairs and wrinkles.  I’ll do my best to age gracefully even if part of doing so means replacing MTV Awards shows with crime dramas and early bedtimes 🙄


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