Refocusing on Work Outs

Yesterday I got myself back in the gym and I did have a moment where I didn’t know what to do, partially because I didn’t plan out my workout as well as I should have before I got to the gym.  I wandered around aimlessly like I’d never been to the gym before then walked over to check my notes from the trainer and finally decided on a course of action.

*Note to self* Make a plan before going into the gym to avoid wandering around like you’re from another planet.

I started with my favorite, rows and squats with the TRX suspension system.  I followed up with tricep pulldowns and low pulley bicep curls.  Complex shoulder raises, squats, and hamstring curls.  3 sets of 10 for each.  I ended with 30 minutes on the treadmill (just under 2 miles).  My goal is 2 miles in 30 minutes because that puts me at a 15 minute mile then I can work from there if I decide I want to continue to pick up the pace.  Also because 30 minutes is not only what’s recommended but I think a good time for cardio because I don’t want to spend hours in the gym.

It was snowing here off and on yesterday but it looks like the temperatures might finally be climbing into the 60’s so I’m going to pick out a hike for Friday.  I was hoping to do one a week but I’ve out of town almost every weekend for the last few weeks and if I’m not out of town it seems like I’m planning a trip out of town.  I like the hikes because I love being out in nature but also because walking on different terrains works different muscles versus walking on the treadmill.

This week I’m trying to refocus some energy into my workouts.

Right now with my strength workouts I want to mix it up but stick with what I know so I can gain more strength and competency in the exercises, right now I’m still a little shaky on some so I want to have a firm grasp before I start trying different variations.  If something starts to feel too easy I’ll add more weight or more reps.

The weight I’m losing is staying off and I feel differences in my body but I think consistency with the workouts plus adding in more activity will help.

I have a FitBit (an overpriced pedometer is how I describe it to people who don’t know what it is but they really are pretty awesome) but I need to actually pay attention to it and work to get in my steps each day.  I park at the back of the parking lot and if it’s close (or close-ish usually within a mile-mile and a half) I’ll walk from one place to the next when I’m running errands plus now that the weather is nicer I’m going to start doing walks in the evening.  I know even just a 15-20 minute walk will help me meet my step goal.

Perhaps because I’ve been on the go so much I struggle to settle back into my routine when I get home and I also suffer from boredom.  I find myself looking for something else to do instead of focusing on what’s important, my eating, working out, job search, and my plans to move forward in my life.  I want to refocus my energies into what I need to be doing instead of seeking out distractions, which is why I’m going to quit writing for now and head to the gym 🙂


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