Adventure is Calling….

I should be job searching or cleaning my apartment or some other responsible task but the sun is shining and adventure is calling.  Rather than spending my entire day staring out my window wishing I was outside I’m answering adventure’s call and heading out to the wilderness.

I found a 3.5 mile round trip hike that’s only 30 minutes away.  I found another one I want to go on but it’s a 2 hour drive and I just didn’t feel like driving that much since last weekend I had a longish road trip (about 6 hours each way).  I originally planned to go to the gym this morning but blue skies, sunshine, and warmer temperatures call for outdoor workouts whenever possible.

I always get a bit nervous before heading out to a new place but my backpack is packed, my camera batteries are charged, my shoes are on, now it’s time to actually get outside!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!! 😀



  1. miusho · April 17, 2015

    Tomorrow is my outside day.. I hope the weather won’t suck..

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    • daisy9979 · April 17, 2015

      Hopefully it will be nice. It was snowing here at the beginning of the week and today it’s almost 70…Spring in the Northwest is a grab bag of weather. I’m just thankful it’s now trending toward spring instead of winter.

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      • miusho · April 17, 2015

        Weather can change so fast it’s ridiculous.. But it’s been nice here all week. Although I think it could be a bit warmer..


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