My Favorite Things

Today while I was cleaning I lit a candle which made me think about some of my favorite things.  My list of favorite things is almost constantly changing but these are some of the little things I’m currently enjoying in my life.

Lemon Mint Leaf candles from Bath & Body Works-I usually go with warmer scents for the home, vanilla, hazelnut, basically whatever makes my house smell like cookies all day.  Sometimes I like to mix it up with a clean scent like linen or lilac.  I was helping my friend pick out scents when she put this candle under my nose I went on a mission to find the big candles. I’ve been burning it everyday.  It’s a clean, fresh smell perfect for spring and summer.


Boom Chicka Puff-The other day when I was craving a not good for me snack in the chip aisle I was drawn to these brightly colored bags.  I wasn’t quite sure what they would be but they’re basically Cheetos Puffs with more natural ingredients. I found white cheddar and sweet barbecue flavors, both are yummy.

They’re still not the greatest thing for you but I’m finding a small bowl of these satisfies my junk food craving and is definitely better than most potato chips.


Ginger flavored tea-Stash Ginger Peach is my absolute favorite but I also have a ginger coconut I enjoy.  I read an article about an abundance of unnecessary ingredients in some tea brands.

It was something I’d never thought about before.  I always assumed tea would just contain tea and maybe some flavors but like everything else companies seem to add in lots of unnecessary ingredients.  Last time I was at the store I checked it out and one brand listed about 10 ingredients while this one only has 4.

Wraps-Similar to many people I go through spurts with my eating where I’m obsessed with one thing and it becomes my go-to when I need something quick.  Last month it was pitas but now it’s wraps.  Multi-grain wraps with a variety of ingredients.  My favorite is a bit of avocado as a spread with turkey or chicken lunch meat.  Yum!

Maxi skirts-Spring is here!  The temperatures are almost in the 70’s so I’m making the transition from jeans and boots to flip flops and maxi skirts.  Maxi skirts and dresses really are like dressy sweatpants, so comfortable but you look a bit fancy like you put in some effort.  Today I was sitting around the house in yoga pants but needed to run some errands so I wanted to look halfway decent, so I threw on a maxi skirt.  Bam!  All dressed up!

Little Panda bank-I posted a video of this panda stealing money bank on Facebook and my aunt, who I haven’t seen in years, was kind enough to buy it for me.  It’s silly but I love it.  Makes me laugh.


Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!  I’d love to hear about some of your favorite things! 🙂



  1. miusho · April 18, 2015

    I don’t really have a favourite at the moment.. Not that I can think of. Hmm, now you’re making me think. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • daisy9979 · April 19, 2015

      I always have a few random favorites of all types of things, foods, movies, blogs, people, time-sucking cell phone game, books, etc. Some stay consistent some change over time. I’m sure you have something… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • miusho · April 19, 2015

        Maybe 2 things.. WordPress is one of them (omg, I’m such an addict) and a game. But I’m sharing my laptop for the moment so I have to make do with just wordpress. 😥


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