Tofu Tacos

Thankfully in my journey to a healthy lifestyle I added tofu to my list of things to try, actually it’s something I’ve wanted to try for years but I never did.  I finally tried it a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised, not scary, fancy, or foodie, just good.

I’ve thought about going vegetarian because I don’t eat very much meat, especially red meat (although I do love a good burger every so often) and mostly stick to chicken, lean pork, or fish.  I’m still not ready to give up meat but I am definitely a fan of tofu and will continue to try new recipes with it.  I’m going to jump on the bandwagon of doing at least one meatless day a week, which I almost do already so it won’t be much to tweak my menu to accommodate the change.


Last night my meal of choice was tofu tacos.

This gave me the chance to use my new TofuXpress, something I didn’t know I even needed until I had one.  This time drying the tofu was so easy.  If you can see in the picture, the tofu is compressed and all the water goes to the top so you can just drain it.  Much easier than the stacks of paper towels I used last time.

I used the recipe I found at Apron Strings Blog for ground tofu filling tacos and it was delicious!  I was a little nervous when IMG_6939going through the ingredients I saw soy sauce and peanut butter….???? Somehow though it all works, even better it was a simple recipe.  I had everything on hand except for chili powder.  This is how it looked out of the oven so I could have crumbled it a bit more but it came out good especially for my first time with the recipe.  I topped my tacos with lettuce, tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, and a touch of sour cream.

It’s baked.  It’s healthier than ground beef.  It’s delicious and filling. Plus I read on the blog you can freeze it and reheat it for an easy meal option.  Love it! ❤

*Side note* Taking pictures of my food really makes me appreciate food bloggers.  My food pictures never look very pretty but maybe it just takes practice.

After only 2 meals I’ve conquered my fear of tofu and with this recipe I’m ready to try out tofu on other people so all my friends and family should be prepared.  I might try to sneak you tofu.

My mom even said she’d be willing to try after I sent her pictures even though she described the taco filling as “weird scary not meat stuff”  I assured her the “not meat stuff” is called tofu and it’s not scary, it’s delicious! 😀



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  2. miusho · April 18, 2015

    I love tofu. ❤ They say it tastes like nothing but most people ruined their taste buds with junk.
    I also don't eat much meat either but I do have to eat it on occasion due to lack of iron.. I've got too much things to keep an eye on, I just can't settle for vegetarian. 😦

    Also. Filters are your friend.


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