I’m Back!

I’m home again and doing my best to not feel overwhelmed by all I feel I need to get done this week.  It’s going to be a busy week but I’m kind of looking forward to a busy week.  Even though I’m exhausted today I feel reinvigorated.  It was such a great weekend with some hiking, a great show, and some quality family time.

In some ways I feel like I’m starting fresh again with the job search, working out, and meal plans.

Tonight I’ll be writing out my to-do list for the week with a breakdown for each day.  I usually just write a to-do for the week but this week I have so much I want to get done I need to break it down by day to avoid feeling frazzled.  Last night I started feeling anxious because I knew I was coming home today and my relaxed state of mind quickly switched to my anxious state of mind.  I finally had to write down what I needed to get done this week to get myself to sleep.

I took a notebook with me so I could write down some ideas for posts.  I downloaded the WordPress app, which is nice for replying to comments and keeping up with other bloggers (although I’m so far behind) but I just couldn’t fathom writing a whole post on my iPhone.  Trying to type 500 words plus checking for grammar or spelling errors on a tiny screen didn’t sound like fun.

The evening is already slipping away so I’m off to create a meal plan, a workout plan, and a to-do list for the week plus sort through about 400 pictures 🙄  Whew, it’s great to escape responsibility sometimes but now it’s back to the real world!


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