Getting out of the house

At 10:30AM I find myself sitting at the computer mindlessly checking social media, reading through blogs, and checking email even though in the back of my mind I know I need to get out the door.  I need to go to the gym and I planned a walk in a local botanical garden that I’ve never been to even though it’s a 5 minute drive from my apartment.

I started writing a post this morning because I finally told myself if I wanted to sit here I should be writing but after a couple sentences I realized I didn’t feel like writing and truly did need to get out the house for a little bit.  I was once again struggling to get myself motivated this morning.  It was like I was arguing with myself because I kept trying to come up with excuses to stay home but I had valid arguments against staying home.

I tried to convince myself I was going to clean the apartment today.  I tried to convince myself I needed to work on my photo portfolio.  I tried to convince myself it was too windy.  I tried everything to avoid getting out today but ultimately knew I would feel better if I had a good workout and walk today. I was going to skip the gym (I know I say this all the time) but I didn’t, went in for a quick strength training session and then I was out the door for a long walk.

I live near the University of Idaho, which has a beautiful arboretum and botanical garden.  We can add this to the list of places I can’t believe I’ve never visited.  It’s a quick drive and has 3 miles worth of trails to walk plus the amazing scenery.  I will probably be walking this 2-3 times a week if not more because it was so relaxing plus had a few challenging parts.  I still find myself getting winded climbing up hills so I keep challenging myself to climb more hills.  A few times I thought I couldn’t make it but was always pleasantly surprised when I did make it to the top.

The climbs and varying terrains are more work out than walking on the treadmill but he biggest benefit is being outside.  I’ve always thought of myself as more of an indoors kind of girl but the more I hike and explore the more I realize I genuinely enjoy being out in nature (as long as they’re aren’t too many bugs 😉 ).  I’m regretful for the adventures I’ve waited so long to experience but proud of myself for finally getting out of my rut and exploring the world around me.

I have tons of pics to go through of course but here are some of my favorites.

Spring April 2015 189


Spring April 2015 111


Spring April 2015 232

Overlooking the beautiful gardens

Spring April 2015 145

One of the many hills I made myself climb

Another hill....

Another hill….


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