Sunday Sick Day :(

The unfortunate part about the transition into warmer temperatures is the inevitable cold I end up with every year.  Today I woke up with sniffles and a slight cough so despite the blue skies taunting me through the window I made the decision to have a rest day.

I planned to go to the gym because I love the quiet Sunday mornings but figured the early symptoms of a cold are probably a good reason to go light and maybe do some stuff at home plus my fellow gym goers probably appreciate my staying home instead of spreading my germs.  I plan to do some light strength training and maybe some floor work.

I’m also going to do some stretching because my legs are super sore today.  I decided to do some barbell squats on Friday with an extra 5lbs, which doesn’t sound like much but my thighs are feeling the slight weight increase.  I’ve also done a bunch more walking this last week although I’m still a ways off from my step goal.

My FitBit battery was dead for the first 3 days of the week so I missed some steps but still managed to get in 32,815 steps this week.  I figure with the days I missed I might be a little over 40,000 but I’ll make sure I keep it charged this week so I can get an accurate step count.  I’ve started focusing on it so I do whatever I can to get in extra steps, an extra lap at the store, parking at the back of the parking lot, and walking instead of driving whenever possible.

The goal is 10,000 steps a day.

Today I might not get to that goal but I’ll add in some extra steps over the week to make up for it.  Today I’m curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and a string of Lifetime movies (don’t judge me too harshly).  I did manage to go through some pictures today and make some new posts on My World Through a Lens.  (Not to be too self-promoting but I love The World Below).  I still have so many to go though but it’s progress.

It’s a small way I can feel productive on an otherwise lazy Sunday.


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